My Family’s Carbon Footprint

My Family’s Carbon Footprint
I believe that my family carbon footprint is smaller than an average American family. My family’s restaurant diet has changed dramatically over the 4 years I have lived in China. We don’t eat that much fast food and pastries because the restaurant variety in China is limited. Although I do enjoy eating the donuts in the bakery at America, I really love the Chinese cuisine.

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Newsela | How involved was North Korea in the hacking of Sony Pictures?

Newsela | How involved was North Korea in the hacking of Sony Pictures?.

So basically Sony Pictures was hacked, and thousands of dollars worth of damage was made. The main reason for the attack was that the hackers threatened that if the Interview came out, they would destroy theaters.

The US think it was North Korea, since the plot is to kill the NK leader. NK says it’s not them who did it, but congratulates who did it. Personally, I think that NK did not do it, but knew something of it. So it’s like I heard of it and I approve. Let the citizens do what they want they say. But hey, I’m just guessing.

Climate Change Questions 2

1. We have and buy fresh organic food at the local market that we can trust and eat safely. Another benefit comes from my bike, when my family wants me to bike or run with them, we could go to someplace to by groceries or buy lunch without driving the car or something. The last benefit comes from my ayi and mom’s sense of saving money. We usually use reusable shopping bags, but if we use plastic bags, we tend to save them for further use. So, whenever I need one, I grab one, and make sure I return it. Continue reading

Climate Change Questions 1

1. The greenhouse effect is the process where the sun’s radiation reflects of the Earth, but the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere help reflect the radiation (heat) back down to the Earth to heat it more. “When the amount of greenhouse gases rises, temperatures on Earth rise as well, causing a change in climate”. Humans are now producing gases more than ever, that means our wastes will pile up into the air and heat up the Earth more effectively. Continue reading