Polymer Project Journal Entry #1

screen-shot-2016-11-06-at-10-05-56-amA polymer is just a lot of monomers bonded together. Monomers are just basically molecules that make up polymers… it’s just a fancy term for it. Polymers can be man-made in a lab (synthetic) or you can find them naturally in the woods or in your body (natural resource).

Some natural polymers can be found just within 10 km of where you are. The vegetables in your local Jenny’s contain a familiar polymer called starch. Silk was a very commonly used natural polymer that the Chinese harvested a long time ago and still do today. However, due to the lack of or small disadvantages, most natural polymers were traded for better, more durable synthetic polymers.

PVC, a synthetic polymer which is made out of industrial salt and oil, isĀ  used for pipes/sewer treatment, wire coating, construction, school projects, etc. Due to it’s cheapness and relatively easy production, big companies and hobbyists both commonly use this polymer. Another synthetic polymer called nylon, which is created from coal and petroleum, is usually used to produce fabrics/clothing that are water resistant, elastic, and great for exercise.

Natural resources become synthetic through a process called polymerization. During polymerization, the monomers are purposefully chemically reacted to each together to form many bonds, eventually creating a polymer.





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