Polymer Project Journal Entry #2






Our basic goal was to create a polymer that could prevent an object from breaking, so we narrowed it down to c reating a 4.7 inch iPhone case. Obviously, we aim to any iPhone owner as the case is meant for iPhones. Like any phone case, the product will protect the phone from any bumps or falls that would dent the phone. As you can see, the phone above without a case is cracked and nasty… unlike the beautiful pristine phone WITH a case. Our group decided that “gloop” would be a good base polymer for our custom polymer as it needed to be solid, thick and also needed to absorb the force exerted on the phone. Characteristics our polymers do need is that it has to “harden” as in retain its shape after some kind of catalyst. “Oobleck” has a similar characteristic of hardening so we might find a way to incorporate that in. One thing that COULD be possible is that before hardening into a case, the polymer could be stretchable and be customizable and fit to any phone, which means that the target audience doesn’t have to be IPhone owners. This would separate the phone case from the others and other cases don’t have customizable sizes… a one size fits all.

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