Polymer Project Journal Entry #3

photo-on-11-8-16-at-8-11-pm-2As stated in the previous journal entry, the polymer phone case should be stretchable and bouncy so it could absorb any impact forces, and it should be able to harden somewhat so the polymer doesn’t stick or droop off the phone. We created a table to test the prototype polymers. Prototype #1 was made out of gloop, 1g of borax to increase bounce but decreased stickiness and stretchiness, 1g of PVA solution to increase the wanted stickiness, and 1g of guar gum to add rubbery properties to absorb force. Prototype #2A was made out of gloop, and extra 5g of borax to increase bounce, 2g of both liquid and solid cornstarch to thicken and decrees stickiness of polymer, and 3g of PVA solution to decrease goopyness. We wanted to test out if the polymers had the desired properties. Does it stretch so it can wrap around any type of phone? Does it stick bimage1ecause if it does it might ruin the phone by getting into the cracks? Does it absorb force so you don’t have to worry about your phone breaking? Does it harden so it doesn’t slowly fall off your phone? As you can see in the graph above, the DRIED versions of the polymer did not reach our expectations; however, we recreated prototype #2A as it was more flexible than the other one when dried, and the fresh version reached most of our expectations: it could stretch, not really sticky, can absorb force and would harden after left out for a day. The group decided that a slightly dried polymer that would then be bagged/wrapped would be the best state for use.

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