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For this post, I decided to create a summary of MILA 2.0 by Debra Driza up until the climax using memes. By mixing classic, Twitter, and recent trending memes, here’s the gist of what happens in the exposition and rising action of the former physical therapist’s book.


1-penguinThe protagonist Mila moves from Philadelphia to a small town called Clearwater, where she attends Clearwater High. There, she is taken under the wing of Kaylee Daniels, who is basically the drama queen of the school.


2-kermitThe plot continues as a Hunter, new student, comes to Clearwater High, and Kaylee is obsessed with him. Secretly, Mila develops a slight interest in him, but she decides that it would ruin her only friendship, so she ‘tries to stay out of it’.


3-scumbag-stephanieAfter surviving a non-fatal fall from the back of a pickup truck, Mila discovers that her mom was lying about their history and identity. Through a recorded message on iPod, Mila finds that she is really just a sentient robot. Mila, or Mobile Intel Lifelike Android, was developed by the government until her ‘mom’, a cocreator of Mila, discovered the android’s true intelligence and stole it. Mila’s mom then tried to create a life for them with no memories of the government facility and where no one would bother them.


4-brianAfter some more drama, Hunter chooses Mila over Kaylee, resulting in the destruction of Mila’s one friend. After the couple finished a date, suspicious people break into Mila’s house. Fortunately, the mother and daughter escape, but Mom decides that it’s to dangerous to stay in Clearwater and that they should leave the US and move to Canada.


5-insanity-wolfWhile on the run, the two women stay in a motel, where the suspicious people come back for them. Their hostility causes Mila to activate her “attack mode”, resulting in some martial-arts master moves, and a few dead bodies.



A change in plans: they are taking a plane from Canada to Germany to throw the US government even more off. However, this is not the case as Mila and her mother get apprehended at the security gate. The fugitives panic and then run towards the nearest gate to hide, only to be surrounded and have nowhere else to go.


7-verbose-copyAs you can read in the meme, the agents arrest the two fugitives, and send them to an unspecified location. What will happen next? How will Mila get out of this situation? Find out yourself by reading MILA 2.0 by Debra Driza, available at the nearest international bookstore by you!

Some memes created by Memeful Meme Generator. Link is here.





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