ONE DAY 2017 – Juan Day; Redoing other OneDay projects

So what did I this OneDay? Good question. I went around, asking people what project they were doing for OneDay, and if I had enough interest, I would try to ‘redo’ what they did. I improvised all projects, doing my best, and created a comedic compilation of some of my best ‘recreations’. I visited multiple sights across the school, met a couple of friends, bumped into high-schoolers, but I had finished filming all of my clips by the end of OneDay. I then took the time after school and at home to edit the video, getting it prepared for next day. Click the blog link to watch the video! Hope you enjoy it!

What did you learn? What went well?

I learned editing and filming skills, which helped me improvise and film more clips than I expected.

What would you do differently if you were able to do this again?

I wish I were able to have a specific list of things to do, as I also redid 4 other projects which did make it to the final video. All of the ‘redoing’ was pretty tiring and required a lot of effort.

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