A Visual Guide to Liberty, Equality, Fraternity

Why is your revolution important?

The French Revolution was extremely important as the entire government and social system was different at the end of the revolution than the start. From an absolute monarchy to a republic, special privileges to equal treatment, France changed it’s future and development in the world, which was completely unexpected.

What should people realize about your revolution before they watch the video?

Life wasn’t very easy for the Third Estate so they were desperate for another way. It’s not like the Third Estate were just rabid people who were petty and wanted a fancy lifestyle. They wanted equal treatment and privileges for all, whether everyone likes it or not.
What was it like in your country before the revolution?

Before the revolution, France was split into three estates called the First, Second and Third estates, all ruled by King Louis XVI. The First and Second Estates were privileged and had a nice life while the Third Estate paid all the taxes and lived a hungry poor life. Completely unfair right?

What were people fighting for?

The Third Estate could not live their miserable lives forever, so they complained and fought against the other Estates for equal treatment and a constitution for the King. There was the fact that they had to fight in war and pay taxes that paid for the luxurious lifestyle of the First and Second Estate, and that was not cool with the Third Estate that they had to do all that.
What was society like at the time of the revolution?

During most of the revolution, there were revolts and complaining all over France. Violent acts and protests were common. Events included but not limited to like the Storming of Bastille and the March to Versailles were important to the revolution. During the Reign of Terror (1793-1794), millions of people were executed by the Jacobins using the guillotine.

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