Progress (Passion Project Weekly Update #2)

Hello again! You might be wondering… what have I done this past week?  Well I’d admit, this week has been quite slow but that’s because I had multiple events happening this week. Here’s the whole shebang on what I did this week:]

On Monday, it was my sister’s boyfriend’s birthday so I just HAD to draw a comic to commemorate that. Shortly after that, I made a quick process video on how I drew that cartoon dragon above this text.

Then on Thursday, I celebrated my birthday with a REALLY quick doodle that took about 1 hour to make. Being 14 really doesn’t feel like much of a difference, despite the cartoon depiction.I’ve been working on this piece for the entire week, but I’ve been putting it off every single day. Although seeming like a pathetic joke, it’s based upon my true story of how I spilled a bowl of curry onto my boxers, but virtually doing absolutely nothing because no one would see it in the first place.

This week, I’ve started to ponder on how I can publish my book. Would I need to contact a publisher? Do I need to see if my prints turn out well? What are the dimensions of the book? So I’ve decided to ask the copy center next week on printing a comic out, print book style. For the publisher part, I can either ask the school to publish it, or I could ask Mr. Fidler/anyone else who’s published a book where they did it.

Otherwise, I’m set for this week, and I have a semi-solid plan for what I’m supposed to do next week. Still, I churn out some comics and artworks from the ol’ cartoon machine.



Initiation (Passion Project Weekly Update #1)

Hello reader! It is my pleasure to introduce you to my first official blog post as a high-schooler! Here I will be posting weekly updates on my ‘Passion Project’ which is a compilation book of comics and artworks detailing the daily life of a student at home and at school.

Before this year, through practice and upgrades in hardware and software, I’ve improved and changed my style many time into what I have today. Here’s a side by side comparison between my first and latest comic:

As you can see, there’s a difference in the art style but not quite towards the overall design of the characters. I also dabble in artworks and also practice other designs like these:

Anyways, my final goal is a compilation book full of the art that I’ve created during the school year and maybe possibly some pieces that I’ve completed over the summer too. I’ve thought of an overall theme which is basically snippets of life of the typical man. Because most of my comics are based upon my real life situations, I believe a good portion of the compilation will compose of school-related artworks. Something that would be incredible for the project would be to have a publisher publish this book, but that’s another hurdle for another time. Like the summer, I’d love to learn new styles and ways to improve my drawings. I could test with new drawing softwares and even have a side-project on animation. I haven’t decided on my book title, but that’s another problem for the future.

More updates in the future!