Catching Up (Passion Project Weekly Update #6 [I skipped #5])

Well reader… it’s been a while. Unfortunately, I was unable to post an update last week, so here I am with twice as many things to show. Let’s split this up into two sections…

Week #5:

If my memory serves me right, I finished the texting comics from last-last week and drew a baby in a burrito (don’t ask why). Shortly after, I had a conversation with my friends, and I had this brilliant idea for an animation that I could do next semester for fun. I sketched out some of the characters, but I’m still smoothing out details for the plot and such. All I can say about it is that it’s a romantic short.

Here’s the burrito:

Week #6:

This week I was supposed to contact a mentor to guide my project. Without hesitation, I chose this artist that I stumbled upon Instagram a couple months ago: Exocomics. Exocomics is based in New Zealand, and is run by a female digital artist Li Chen. She draws comics and artworks every Wednesday, and releases illustrated books under the series name Extraordinary Comics. On the midnight of Saturday, I emailed her, sending some of my works and asking her for feedback and tips. She replied (yay!) a couple hours later, giving me great tips on how I can improve. She said it would be better to have smoother boarders and “bear in mind the flow and layout of your comics”. Overall, she said practice is the only way to get better. Thanks Li!

Li Chen (Exocomics) artworks:

Here are the little things I did this week (I’ve started drawing 3000×3000 and 3000×2500 for higher quality):

Of course, I have other sketches from future projects, but I’ll just show them in their final stage in the next update.

‘Til then… cheers!



Planning (Passion Project Weekly Update #4)

Let’s see where I’m at this week. It’s been exactly one month since I’ve started and I’ve created 15 pieces. I need around 100 comics/artworks to complete my compilation book, so it would take me around 6.5 months to finish it. Thus, I’ve decided to pluck out some of my favorite pieces that I drew during the summer to put into my book, maybe around 10…

In case you didn’t know, each piece takes around 2-4 hours to complete, colors/shadows and all. I’ve evaluated my new PRINTS and decided that the minimum canvas size for the best print quality should be 2500×2500 pixels.

Other than the headmaster arc, I’ve also prepared this WeChat text story arc. They’re just little illustrations of stupid conversations between me and a friend. Sadly, my lazy procrastinating butt doesn’t want to draw any of the four just yet…

In other news, enjoy this 2500×2500 portrait of our FCD guest speaker Ian Barney!


Practice (Passion Project Weekly Update #3)

3 weeks in and I feel like I’ve been picking up steam! I’ve got this little system going where I sketch out the layout of the comic/artwork at home or school, then use a paintbrush to go over it at the other location. It’s going well and I guess you could consider this as the typical week that you’d see every update.

I forgot to post this last week, but this is a pencil sketch of a random lady. I got bored of single panels with no text, so this was a breath of fresh air for me.

Well I finally finished the curry comic, and I did a quick single panel of a cow which really helped out my shading skills. I pushed myself further doing this because I didn’t really plan for a shadow on the grass but I used up a lot of time for that. Generally, these two pieces were a big step towards shading for me.

BIG NEWS! DID YOU KNOW THAT YOU COULD’VE GOTTEN SECONDS FOR HOT LUNCH IN THE CAFETERIA FOR THE PAST 2 YEARS???? I was shook. I’m currently in the progress of bolding lines and colouring the comic but it’ll definitely be one of the first comics I’ll complete and release next week.

These two comics are linked, so it’s pretty much an 8 panel story. I don’t want to tell too many details about it, but I’ll just say that it’s a true story about a friend and the head of school.

On Thursday, I emailed Mrs. Lemley about printing comics out, but I haven’t heard from her just yet! More updates about that next week! Otherwise, it was a productive week with 4 comics and 1 artwork!