New Era (Passion Project Weekly Update #10)

Welcome back readers! This week has been another slow week for me, but worry not! I worked hard and really experimented my art style during this time period.
For my first drawing of the week, I completed another classic comic that introduces a new main character to my comic: Nadie. You might remember her from my animation initiative, but I’ve really grown to like her design and decided to add her into my main comic line.
Afterwards, to celebrate the new era of my illustrations, I decided to make more one-panel character sketches of Nadie! I wanted this picture to be different in a way, so I went all out and made a whole new figure shape for her special frame. I put in extra work in the hair flow and broke my back over the colouring because black lines were too prominent for this design.
Later in the last couple hours of the last day, I made a couple sketches like the chair potato and prepared a couple comic templates for the next two comics that I would like to make next week – one for The Break school paper and one for my friend.

Even More Catching Up (Passion Project Weekly Update #9) [I skipped #7 & #8]

Hello reader! Sorry for not posting about the last 3 weeks! It’s been real crazy and I’ve also created even crazier comics! Because I’ve made too many comics and artworks, I’m only going to showcase some highlights of this time period.

These two pieces were drawn to celebrate fall/autumn’s arrival. My followers and family really like the first drawing that they printed it onto a t-shirt and a mug.

I really enjoyed making that shirt so I thought it over and decided that it could be a possible source of income. I talked with some of my friends and we designed this Supreme parody design and printed it onto some white t-shirts.

Later, I made this comic which detailed of my experience as a digital artist. I tagged this one person on instagram: artist_relates, and did a hashtag artistrelates, and all of a sudden, my post blew up and got like 400 likes. To put that into perspective, my last post got less than 40 and my highest likescore was 82.

Because the semester is almost halfway up, I’ve set up my work schedule for the rest of the semester. Basically its just drawing and drawing until the last 3 weeks where I begin to finalize the book and print it and then share it with the world!