Schedule (Passion Project V2 Weekly Update #3)

Ok. Maybe my plan for the entire semester is a bit crowded with all three of my goals, but here’s my foolproof plan on how to divvy up my time to maximize my focus on each “side-project”.

For my animated short, the more that I thought about it, the more I realized how much work I’d have to put in. When I worked on my first (well, technically second) animatic, I realized the amount of time it takes to just draw AND sync frames with audio. Thus, my mindset for the animation is… low priority. However, I am keen to continue with drawing my classic comics and work on comedic animatic shorts, which works hand in hand with updating my clothing line.

So now we get into what’s going to be new for this semester. The previous goals all worked smoothly together, so I feel like I can take on more responsibilities and such, especially when they don’t require a constant eye on. To create a more professional sense, I’d like to spend probably a week early on in the semester designing my own website (probably with Wix), and with the help of the school, link it to a purchased domain. If not, then I’ll try do it at home during my spare time, which shouldn’t require too much time.

As for the Product Creation club situation, preparations and conversations are needed with multiple people before I can actually apply to kick-start for it next year, so it shouldn’t interfere much with my main animatic goals for this semester. Speaking of animatics, to end this update off, here’s the animatic I spent a collective 7 hours working on:

Proposal (Passion Project V2 Weekly Update #2)

What do you want to do this semester for Passion Project?

I would like to create an animated short, a love story that takes place in an airport terminal, with a partner that used to go to ISB two years ago. She’s an amazing artist herself, and also an experienced animator.

On top of that, adding on to my previous Passion Project, I would like to continue expanding my brand and especially my design store. I was thinking of making an online store/website, which I can also use to promote my brand. I was also thinking of creating a club to include other people in creating their own products and sell them, like what I did last semester.

Why is it important/significant?

This project is significant to me because I’ve never done anything like this before. Not only is this a massive project for my skillset, but I have never really practiced or even thought of animation. This opportunity will push me to my creative and artistic limits, and also teach me new methods of drawing and animation.

When I went to SAS Puxi, my host family showed me a comic compilation created by their school’s Comic club. I thought that that was a brilliant idea, but I realized that comics aren’t really a big thing in our school. However, I do realize that many student have amazing product ideas that are never brought into reality, often due to not enough time and/or resources. With a club, this would provide student members time and an opportunity to delve into their creative minds and produce fantastic products to

What will you learn?

As I mentioned above,  from creating the animation, I will over time learn and develop new skills to help with drawing, sketching, and animation. Animation uses frames to move characters, and when I create an animation with 12fps, that would mean 3600 different frames for 5 minutes.

Do you need a specialized space to work?  Will you need materials/software?

For the animation, I already have the hardware and software needed to produce a 5-minute short, but as for the online store/website, .com domains cost $12 a year, and $14 monthly payments to keep websites up.

As promised, here are character designs and the storyboard for the animation: