Practice Practice Practice (Passion Project V2 Weekly Update #7)

This week was a nice typical week. During class today, I practiced different animation techniques with different animation softwares. First I tried using Sketchbook Flipbook, which I had used previously in my other animatics. There’s nothing special about this software as it’s just an easier method of animating transparent panels. As for the other technique, I’ve used Adobe Photoshop CS6 to have a more complex and more layered panel animation. However, this way is more time-consuming and required a lot of organization. I did discover a little cheat way of animating a still photo by using puppet warp, which uses anchors and web links to alter and warp an object. Here’s an image of how it works:

As for the sketchbook flipbook, here’s another screenshot:


Even more stuff (Passion Project V2 Weekly Update #6)

Hey hey! So here’s the gist of what happened this week:

I worked closely with my vendor and most likely the hoodies/t-shirts will arrive either next week the week after that. I have around 10 orders so I think it’ll turn out great (updates in the neat future).

As for my animation and drawing, I’ve been dabbling again like usual. I’ve officially started working on my 2nd animatic, which is basically a 30 second rant based on how people say my art looks a lot like TheOdd1sOut, WHICH IT DOES NOT.

Anyways, besides the animatic, I’ve worked on the digital storyboard for my romance animatic/animation to work on in the future. I’ve thought about dropping the whole romance animatic, but then again, I’d be dropping a whole lot of work. I’ll need to think about this further. For the time being, I’m pretty content with practicing with animatics and generally working up my skills in animation and such.

In addition, I had a creative block this week so I drew whatever popped in my mind. For the doodle of the week, it’s basically a subconscious mash-up of two of my friends in my classic drawing style, with a new body-shape style. I really like it and I hope I can do more of this in the future. Commissions have been really fun to do as well; however they do take some time and dedication.

Here are some of the visual things that I did this week:




Other (Passion Project V2 Weekly Update #5)

Ok ok. I admit it. Maybe I could’ve used my time more effectively this week and all in terms on my animation and such, but I did make advancements in other areas.

The above image was something that I drew out of boredom, and it’s a hip and fresh doodle of my good buddy Will, who sits next to me every class. But the most important and notable thing that I did this week was to organize, pre-order, and purchase my next line of hoodies, this time being “Fashion-Bug”. I’m especially excited for the next couple of weeks.

YouTube tutorial from last week:

Work? (Passion Project V2 Weekly Update #4)

Hey hey hey! This week was especially special to me because my whole “style” could change due to a change of software. During the break before the week, I got very bored and drawing with Sketchbook seemed unappealing at the time. I did have Photoshop CS6 and CC 2017 installed on my laptop; however, I barely used to for anything other than editing the lighting of some photos.

Anyways, to the point: I took a 20-minute lesson from YouTube and learned how to draw on Photoshop, which actually taught me a lot. Using my newfound knowledge I drew a couple cartoon characters and such, switching up my style. Here are the results: