Practice Practice Practice (Passion Project V2 Weekly Update #7)

This week was a nice typical week. During class today, I practiced different animation techniques with different animation softwares. First I tried using Sketchbook Flipbook, which I had used previously in my other animatics. There’s nothing special about this software as it’s just an easier method of animating transparent panels. As for the other technique, I’ve used Adobe Photoshop CS6 to have a more complex and more layered panel animation. However, this way is more time-consuming and required a lot of organization. I did discover a little cheat way of animating a still photo by using puppet warp, which uses anchors and web links to alter and warp an object. Here’s an image of how it works:

As for the sketchbook flipbook, here’s another screenshot:


1 thought on “Practice Practice Practice (Passion Project V2 Weekly Update #7)

  1. Hi Austin –
    Looks good. I’m glad you are playing with different software to see what the potential is and how it changes your work.

    I just thought of something as I read your post… potentially one option for your presentation could be to run a workshop for teachers about what you did and teach us some of your mad illustration/animation skills. I haven’t animated in many years and would love a workshop – no pressure if that doesn’t interest you.

    Mrs. Lemley

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