Spring Break (Passion Project V2 Weekly Update #8)

Hey there reader! Let me be frank with you: I haven’t been very active in my drawings and whatnot compared to previous weeks and months. Here’s a gallery of what I’ve drawn these past days:

I had to remake my first comic due to… unforeseen reasons, but anyways, my 4th comic has been submitted to The Break for their next edition. The hoodies are officially arriving next Wednesday, so I’m pretty excited for that. Otherwise, I’ve been doodling a lot, not really committing to a lot of drawings

In regards to my final goal, I’ve slimmed it down to either expanding and running my business of clothing design, or I could try to create my own little animation/animatic which is a big step from just drawing simple cartoons.


So apparently I’m one blog post ahead, so I might as well add on to what I accomplished the week after what happened above:

After my comic was published, I received multiple comments on it from friends, as usual. I might as write some of the things I remember:

1. I remember my friend Jonathan telling me that this edition’s comic was his favorite. This is because of the humor/punchline being more relatable.

2. Someone said that the comic was a bit too pixelated; however, this is because of the formatting problems of the newspaper.

3. This comic was different from previous comics due to character design. In this new comic, the MC looks more realistic, which adds onto the humor of the punchline. This follows the same formula as a popular digital cartoonist, Randowis.