Expansion (Passion Project V3 Weekly Update #1)

Hey there everybody! Season 3 of Passion Project is finally here, and I’m ready to dive right in to my project for this year. Last year, both semesters were mainly based upon design and drawing for online; however, this year I’m ready to branch out and start something new. Without further ado, here’s the plan:

This year I was thinking about setting up a club (currently named Dragon Designers) that allows students to collaborate together and create designs//products. If at all possible, we could also team up with the PTA and have a section within the PTA store where we could sell these products. On top of that, we could also have something that’s similar to Sententiae’s system where people don’t need to join the club, and just send their designs to the Designers for feedback.

Right now, I haven’t discussed with Ms. Lemley or any of the PTA team so far, but I have talked to a couple students and they seem interested, including Jonathan, whom I worked with during last year’s Spring Fair.

Can’t wait to work out the first details about it this coming week!