Plans (Passion Project V3 Weekly Update #7)

Hey hey, semi-slow week today. Quick recap of this week and what to expect in this blog update:
– Small product design (stickers)
– Schematics for product designs
– PTA collaboration
– Item pricing

First off, with the small product designs, the designers have been having some slight complications with the schematics/finalization of the products. Because of the tight deadline for first products in the PTA store for *next Wednesday*, we’ve been rushing to get some organization and colouring of the designs to print onto stickers. Although I don’t possess final details of the products (individual members will submit into the 365 files), here are some screengrabs of what they were working on in the past week:

On the left, Catherine wrote some quick notes about how she wanted the dimensions of the sticker/enamel pin to be. With the centimeters of the height and dimension, she stated that she’d also think about a gold outline or such; I never got any update about that afterwards. On the right side, Reina wanted to make a quick sticker version of the royal cat she sketched out. Because the shape is so irregular, during the meeting we were discussing about any background, circular and whatnot, in order to make the sticker printing/cutting an easier task. Again, no update on that other than Jonathan re-vectoring the form and background shapes.

One issue that arose during the planning process is that the designers were unable to access the 365 shared access workfolder. Apparently they still have to send in a request to the workfolder owner, and I do not know if they have done that or not (Jonathan has). Otherwise, there is a deadline to submit details of their product (stickers) into the workfolders. Like mentioned earlier, products should be in shelves starting this Wednesday, with some of my old stickers leading the charge.

And finally, for the pricing, Jonathan and I thought up of prices for products and future products, based on previous selling price points. However, these plans are tentative as quality and effort will effect the price tags on certain products. An example would be hoodies selling for ¥140, and t-shirts selling for ¥70. Postcards could go for a cheap ¥5 for each one or two, and stickers are set at ¥1 each.