Organization 2 (Passion Project V3 Weekly Update #11)

Hey y’all! During this jam-packed week, I managed to do *some* productive tasks during this HS Spirit Week, and I’ll be going in depth and reflect upon what I did for the “final product”. Of course, this store is not just going to be my Passion Project, but will also continue on throughout the year, running its course and hopefully developing into a small club that will run the store on their own. Before we get to the that though, the agenda has to be completed, and that includes systematic pricing sheet, product tracking, proper shelving, and advertisements. Let’s just jump right into the recap of the week:

First off, building off of last week, the pricing system has been run in a way where I copy-paste the information from the excel sheet onto a super-simple template for price tags. Again, like I said last week, I really do want to design more aesthetic price displays as well as design templates for product adverts.

If you look closely, the price tags are placed right above each products, indicating what the product is, who designed it, and how much it costs. It is a rudimentary design that just shows the basics, but of course, the aesthetics will only go up from here. The main idea for pricing is, some possible ideas have come up and will be implemented; however, there aren’t many changes in the store compared to before as of now. This can also be said the same for product tracking. The topic was briefly mentioned last week, where the possibility of just having the PTA volunteers refer to a pricing table with pictures in order to determine how much one of our products is worth. Once the transaction has succeeded, the money (income minus change) can be placed in a separate cashier money box that is set alongside the PTA’s cashier bank. This is all just for the temporary store, because the PTA only view the Dragon Design store to be some small, charity store. We actually are aiming to get this store to become an integrated part of the PTA store, promoting student participation by selling student-designed products.

Now, for shelving, the whole topic becomes just one hot mess. To start off, we asked the PTA store manager about possible placement for the DD shelf. After 1 week, we ultimately decided to place it in the back of the store, facing opposite of the cashier desk. From then on, the DD store is basically set up through a number of metal pegs and super strong magnets. Although this system works, it does so barely, and it makes it super difficult for students to pick out their desired product (i.e. stickers) as they have to take out the sticker from each individual stack, which could be stuck in the back of the peg. Thus, as this was happening, I talked to Ms. Lemley about designing a custom shelf which would optimize selling, display, and aestheticism of the DD store. A couple weeks passed, and we didn’t get a response. This week however, Ms. Lemley and I were notified of the situation where Facilities was unable to pull through and order a shelf with the specified diameters, which left us at square one. Thus, one of the only options left was to ask for shelf space that was directly part of the PTA. They replied with this:

So yeah, what were we supposed to do? I proposed some super basic shelving designs that we ourselves could build right at the school, given the materials. After some pondering, we switched ideas many times until Ms Lemley and I thought about just simply ordering a shelf from IKEA. The height of those shelves could be adjusted through rubber stoppers, so the assembly of our shelf is fairly simple. Here are some potential shelves:

That just about wraps up the whole shelving dilemma that the team has been experiencing this week. And finally, the advertising. I know I have been putting the whole advertising thing off, but truly, the advert should only start publishing our efforts only when our system is up and running smoothly. Right now, I think that our DD store looks pretty darn good when you consider that it was thrown together, but I doubt that it could continue another 2 months if no changes are made towards stock replenishment, advertising, and product range. Thanks for reading this week’s whopper of an update!

Waiting (Passion Project V3 Weekly Update #10)

Hey! This week was a really short week, so let’s just jump right into whatever small tasks that I was getting into this week:

On my agenda, I wanted to develop a pricing system, proper shelving, advertisements, and set products. At the moment, the shelves have only gone through 3 full iterations; however I feel like this is not enough in order to “officially” start the store. My goal is to have advertisements up and ready, with the store being fully operational and stocked by the end of Presentation Week. That’s in a short while, so we’ll see what’s going to happen. I’m still waiting on the creation of the new shelf, as well as the new products that Ms. Lemley has ordered through the business office. Time is running out quickly, and I don’t quite know for sure when the products will be coming in for selling. But before those products are even here, there should be proper shelving, which I will get in-depth into soon. Otherwise, here are some pictures from the week and my reflection:

I started a rudimentary excel sheet with the creator, product, price, and sales tally box for the PTA members to use. What I had in mind was post this onto the Design Team shared workfolder; however, I haven’t got around that yet as it’s still super simple. The ideal scenario is to print this out and have the PTA moms refer to it whenever someone wants to buy some Dragon Design product. Already, the PTA has photo-copied the original product sheet, but it lacks the information of Annie’s postcards and her sticker set. The list of products that are supposedly either in-stock or ordered:
– Stickers (individual/set)
– Hoodies
– Enamel Pins (3/4 designs)
– Postcards
Here’s a really stupid idea that I had earlier, where the classic Comic Sans font is used to display the prices in this new chart. I wanted to build onto the old format that we’ve been using since Day 1, but I still need to get a PDF version of that. Here’s what an advertisement of the sort would look like using this format:

Now that the pricing has somewhat been set, the finalized version of the pricing sheet should be posted onto the workplace, as well as allowing people to change it if necessary. I will go into shelving, stock, and advertisements next week, but the gist of this short week was re-planning and redesigning a selling process for the PTA mom to refer to. As for tracking purchases, the excel document (or some other table) shown above is one possible idea, albeit simple, that we could hand over to the cashiers for tracking. Otherwise, our products already stand out from the other products that are being sold in the PTA store, so the volunteers shouldn’t have much trouble in identifying which products are Student Designed. That’s all for this week!

Finally Expanding! (Passion Project V3 Weekly Update #9)

Hey there fellas! This week’s *actual* blogpost is about updates that happened during throughout the week. Let’s take a look at all the major changes that the shop went through:

As you can see, the image above shows not that much change. After talking with PTA volunteers and product stocks, it seems that the smaller sticker sales (¥1 per sticker) have slowed down, and I haven’t had the need to replace the small stickers just yet. Also, there really is a lack of presence in the store throughout the day. After last week, we went through three different hoodies (people supposedly bought 3 hoodies). Although this is fantastic in the sense of product variety and demand, it is clear that the store needed a change in look and products. That when everything started to come together on Friday, when the Design People club met for the 4th time 

As mentioned in the previous week, Annie had been making her own drawings and experimenting them onto her own products. She drew the above 6 drawings (wow, I know right) and tested them out with her own postcard vendor. When she brought them to our next meeting, we were all stunned and decided to immediately put them out for sale. But before we did that, we wanted to decide our price, to which we labeled at ¥10 per postcard. Finally, I was able to set up the Dragon Design Pop-up Shop 2.0 inside the store, and my oh my was it lookin spicy. And very pink 😉I let the store run its course across the week, looking to see how the store would fare out. It seems like the postcards aren’t too popular with the elementary kids –but of course, what would little kids do with a postcard– and the stickers are selling bit-by-bit. It would be fantastic if we were to get a shelf of our own as soon as possible in order to make our shop look legit as possible, but we’d just have to wait. The technical aspects that I’d like to work on would be the pricing and the advertising of our store. First off, for the pricing, I’m trying to organize a collaborative worksheet.xlsx that is on the shared workfolder. What I was thinking was that every 2-3 weeks or so, we’d rack up a whole new range of products and such, keeping all the prices right there beside it, maybe even including possible deals or sales. Then after those weeks, we’d go in and “update” the store with the products and the new pricing sheet, keeping students, especially the elementary kids, on edge for the latest products :). For the advertising, all we really need to for a couple posters to talk about who we are or where our shelf is located, and what products are being sold; however the only thing holding us back would probably be the organization and the flow of our current products and when they would arrive and such.

Anyways, that’s all for this week! Thanks for reading.

Slow (Passion Project V3 Weekly Update #8)

Hey there… so yeah this blog post is like, a week late, and that’s because I had so much on my plate, especially with the talent show and all–which was a huge success btw ;). Anyways, let’s get straight into what little work I did for the week:

The image above was taken in the beginning of last week, to document the process of what has been going on the PTA DD store. Looking back, these past 2 weeks have been super duper slow in terms of product variety and such; however that will change in the following week ;). But I’m getting ahead of myself. As you can see, the store contains 5-6 different stickers, as well as one white fashion bug hoodie and two pink fashion bug hoodies. The most notable thing is that all the products are designed by me, which is a bit surprising due to the fact that the whole “Dragon Design” thing is supposed to be a team effort. Unbeknownst to many, a couple team core members were actually experimenting on their own, and began to order their own products to test whether they’d like it or not. One example would be Annie with her sticker set and postcards, which begin sales *next week*.

Speaking of experimenting, Ms. Lemley blessed us by taking Catherine’s graphic design and sending it into the Copy Office to make some stickers. Once they were printed and presented in front of the team, we ultimately decided that we’d be better off using outside vendors (HFH’s) that pre-cut the stickers rather than having us cut each individual one out. So, that’s one product aspect that we’ve been working on.

Ok so disclaimer: I cant quite rotate the image in the website, so just rotate your screen 90º clockwise to view the image. Also, one comment that I received said that the quality of the images was too low, but because this blog publisher is kinda sad, you have to actually click on the image to view it in the highest quality. Anyways, if you look at this photo taken at the end of the week and compare it to the other photo taken earlier, you might think that there isn’t much difference. Having said that, when I stopped by to interview the PTA cashier volunteers, they said that the stickers have been selling pretty well at ¥1 for 1, and on top of that, I replaced one pink hoodie that was supposedly sold (I think I saw who bought it), so that means that larger products are also being sold at some rate. That’s mostly it for this week, as I couldn’t do much in the first place 🙁

Thanks for reading, and read the next post if you’re wondering what happens to the store’s development!