Underlying Theme within Grendel Debate Notes

(Image below) These notes were from the debate about whether or not life was meaningless, everything had no purpose, and the general existential nihilism present within the novel Grendel. This was the first debate that I participated within the class, but also the debate that I was not supposed to be a part of/prepared for. Thus, my situation put me into the position of Speaker #3, which provided rebuttals to the opposing counterpoint and and conclusions. Our team was opposing the idea that life had no meaning/purpose. My specific notes can be seen in the teal-blue colour below:

(Image below) The group discussion/debate that I planned to participate in focused on the idea that heroism the ideal characterization that people should strive for if they wanted to “succeed in life”. After group discussion, our group came together to form our main points (as shown in the lighter blue). During the actual debate itself, I again took notes about their claims and counterclaims to build future arguments in the later debates for my peers.

IB English Lit HL Paper 1 Practice Reflection

Looking back on my paper, I can clearly see the different aspects that I can work upon. One of the most important aspects is analyzing the paper as a whole. What I mean by this is to relate certain portions of the texts with previous bits more often. Although I do do this within my paper, it seems that I may have missed some important connections between the beginning of the passage with the ending lines. Additionally, my literal analysis of the text still needs to be further elaborated upon, as my recap of the story consists of the passage introduction. If I were to include details about the setting or the conflict of the passage rather than the situation, that would provide further background detail for my analysis. Lastly, my analysis should be improved in terms of word choice and “professionality”. I did misuse a literary terms, and I did also add a biased description within my conclusion, which hurts my paper’s credibility.