English Lit HL IO Performance 2 Reflection

After ‘performing’ my second Lit IO (and my first live performance) to my english teacher, I can confidently say that I came out more satisfied than my first performance without even knowing my scores. I felt that the actual guidance and preparation resources that Mr. Dalton provided us really gave me a good idea of what a good IO should be like, and thus gave me a solid foundation for what my IO was going to be like.

I was most happy/satisfied with my development of ideas, and how I kept linking it back towards my global issues. At some times, I felt like I repeated the GI way too many times, but looking back I realise that perhaps saying it that many times allowed for the teacher to connect my points with my main idea easier. Also generally, one thing that I was both surprised and happy with was how natural the whole process flowed over 10 minutes. Before, I didn’t have much actual practice, just looking at the bullet points and imagining what my points were going to be fleshed out. I did do one full practice IO the day before, which did help me include one or two points that I was missing.

I guess not only more full process practices are needed for me, but also the analysis of the actual text and its context and literary elements. After the presentation, I learned that the format of the IO is very similar to how a paper works, and therefore I’ve concluded that next time I should adhere towards said parameters. One thing would be to signpoint what and when I was going to address regarding the work or text, and the other would be to explore more of the literary elements, and see how they reflect the global issue. Overall, however, I am very satisfied with this IO round and I really do want to continue improving my performances as the year progresses.

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