Kafka’s “The Sudden Stroll”: A Visual Representation

Pictured above is my representation of Kafka’s short story, “The Sudden Stroll”. In this vague graphic, I wanted to portray both the literal and figurative aspects that the short story expressed. In the literal sense, I depicted the individual from a distance on a long winding path, similar to the endless stream of thought within the first paragraph/sentence of the story. To represent the same structure of the story, I chose to repeatedly use the word “when” to establish different points of realisation for the central figure. Speaking of central figure, I allude to the last few lines of the short story that refer to the persona as a “sharply-defined silhouette”. Thus, I chose to depict my central figure at the end of the winding road as a silhouette of a figure. Regarding the choice to blur both the early moments of the road and background figures, this is reference to the blur of early life mentioned in the first lines of the short story. As the global issue presented in this short story is about identity and their role in society, I wanted to show that each figure goes through their own strolls throughout life, as well as realising their own self-worth and purpose.