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Our group has best magazine because we have the best team and rose to the challenge together. I am extremely proud of our teamwork and collaboration, because in the end, our magazine turned out to be WAY more aesthetic and legit than I thought! Personally, I’m very harsh on myself, but I have to admit, that magazine was kick-butt amazing. Although our group was probably the best group that I could ever ask for, I do have some regrets during this project. One major setback for me, was the deleting the photos I took during the Chinese Ethic Park trip. How stupid was I, when I deleted those photos in the trash can, thinking that we wouldn’t need to use them; fortunately, I had saved enough photos to get myself through the final project. A lesson that I learned is that constant communication is the key to constant success. Through our process of checking in on each other once in a while, we were all able to contribute and share ideas to the final project, and in the end when we put it all together, all the sections fit beautifully. All in all, if you would ask me if I wanted to do another project just like this, I would be a total 10/10.

An Illustrated Guide to Not Dying During the Alien Apocalypse

In this post, I will be analyzing how the protagonists of the book, The Swarm by Orson Scott Card, solve the conflict. Like any other book, The Swarm has many conflicts, but I decided to choose a larger one: The Formics are coming back for another war, but where are they? And when are they coming? Over the course of the book, Mazer, Bingwen, and Vico’s crew are able to solve all these answers, but can they solve them in time? Below are some quotes detailing their pursues to solve the life-or-death questions, accompanied with cute visuals!



“Edimar had detected the approaching Formic fleet and alerted the world of the coming second war.” (Card 74)
After the supposed victory of the First Formic War in China, the whole world was in celebration. But Edimar, the same girl who first detected the Formic fleet before the war, saw that a larger “mother-ship” was heading towards Earth. War was inevitable. As soon as the Hegemon heard about this, the whole world was sent into a frenzy: economically and apocalyptically.

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From Thin Air


The non-fiction book that I’m reading is The Boy Who Fell Out of the Sky by Ken Dornstein. The plot of the book is protagonist Ken Dornstein unearthing his brother’s past. Ken’s brother, David, died in the crash of Pan Am Flight 103, right in the small town in Lockerbie on December 21, 1988. The cause? A terrorist bombing that was planned about 10 years before. That day, 270 innocent people died, and some of them weren’t even on the plane. Fortunately, people were held responsible and were judged in court on May 2000. Ken Dornstein wrote this book to commemorate his brother and reflect on his life before and after the life-changing incident.

I created a little poster-art to show the central idea of the book. Using 4 quotes, I supported the idea as well as providing explanations for the quotes. (See image attached above)

Clipper Maid of the Seas photo: “Pan Am Flight 103.” Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, 7 Dec. 2016. Web. 08 Dec. 2016.




Lost and Found Secrets

ad-1ad-2  ad-3For my blog post, I decided to create 3 print ads that represent motifs that support the theme of Lost Luggage by Jordi Punti and as clearly stated in all 3 ads, the theme is “everyone has a reason to keep their own secrets”. The ads are meant to convince people to read the book, and I tried to do that by partially revealing some secrets that would lure in readers who are curious or want to learn more.


Ad #1 details a mother no longer being able to bear the pain of a lost child. Instead of moving on, she masked with the sadness by adopting another child, 9-year-old Gabriel, and naming him after her dead son Cristóbal. Soon after adoption, newly named Cristóbal discovered about his predecessor and unwittingly confronts his “mother” with her secret.

Ad #2 is about how 18-year-old Conrad, who suffered from early age baldness, hid his wig from his father who is a barber. Being a barber, Martí should’ve had a natural strong dislike towards wigs and toupees and that was exactly what caused his son Conrad to hide his top-secret toupee.

Finally, Ad #3 represents Gabriel, 30 years after abandoning them after birth, meeting his four sons after they rescued him from gamblers. He reveals to them that he was afraid to talk or even meet them as he was sure that the Christophers had a passionate hatred towards him. So, he hid… just a couple of meters away in the room right next to the Christopher’s headquarters for tracking down their father.

When these print ads’ subtexts (motifs) are put together, it should stick the theme into your head. If not, then read the book. If the motifs of the theme sound interesting, read the book. If you’re not sure on whether to read the book, read it.

Photo credit: tomorca <a href=”http://www.flickr.com/photos/94059371@N04/30116456831″>Symbol tree</a> via <a href=”http://photopin.com”>photopin</a> <a href=“https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/2.0/”>(license)</a>

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Post ???: Newsela PEEL Paragraph

Newsela | 13-year-old Alaskan crafting his own business future.

My PEEL Paragraph

I think that the fire starter bracelets as an excellent idea, but can also introduce more danger and violence to the world.

A famous example was the 9/11 incident. Security reports say that one gun was smuggled in, but other terrorists carried knifes disguised as cigarette lighters. With this bracelet, weapons such as the knife or fire starter, can act as weapons and even more so on airplanes.

“But Grayson’s products, which he currently makes himself at his home, hide some unique and potentially lifesaving items.”

Airport security measures have increased dramatically over the past years, but this idea can over leap that. People wear can wear the bracelet next to their watch, and security will never know it. People have clever ways to hide things, but this “lifesaving” invention could be life-threatening.

Overall, I think the initial idea and product was a great idea, but think outside the box of just using it for survival. I do think that idea of using this invention could take down an 777 is a little hard to believe, but then again, the events of 9/11 were hard to believe.

Latest Version Of My New Story

The Story Story

By Austin Li


The following warnings are not to be criticized and should be followed with strictest laws. Any violation shall end badly for you, and the writing crew shall not take any credit for loss or damage.


This story is purely made up. Any criticism towards anybody and to you is totally coincidental. If this is torrented (even though this is a document and I know,) who cares? I am not selling it; but if you’re willing…

Anyways, since what you are about to read is not a story, I am going to tell you what this ‘story’ is all about. It is about a story within a story, where a writer is writing to finish writing down the story in the story. Then, someone reads the out-story and the writer realizes that, and creates a story about the reader. So sit back a relax, as the story unfolds with things that you do not want to read!

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Post #11: Writers Circle 2 Story Draft


On the 24th night of December, David was just putting up the final decorations for Christmas. Along with the red and green lights and the tall-standing tree, hidden on the bottom of the chimney was a snare net. The cookies and milk were drugged with sleep serum, and the tree was lined with exploding ornaments.


David had never been a big fan of Santa. In fact, he might’ve hated him! His parents had died when he was just 7. Ever since, he had never received gifts from him. Every Christmas, he would get a piece of paper saying, it’s not my fault. He lived in a foster-home, with 12 other kids! Now, he has grown-up and wants to take out revenge on Santa. Continue reading