Propaganda Poster & Rationale


I created this propaganda based on the theme “粒粒皆辛苦”, which means each grain come from the hard work of the farmers. The slogan is in typical Chinese propaganda colors: red and yellow, the color of the national flag. I made the rice on the baby’s chin 3D, therefore, it is more eye-catching. The rice is hanging on the baby’s chin, this displays that the baby is not wasting food despite being two grains. The farmer harvesting is placed in the foreground reminding the target viewer of the hard work from farmers. The baby’s pupil turned into flowers to represent growth, which has a duality meaning because the baby is growing and the hidden context is the food is growing.

3 Thoughts.

  1. I can really see how you’ve chosen & targeted a specific audience. The farmer in the bottom left really appeals to the audiences sense of Ethos, in my opinion, as they might then believe that the author behind the poster truly understands their point of view & thereby trust them more!

  2. The yellow and red of the slogan contrasts with the black and white picture and that really emphasizes the idea you’re reinforcing here. The farmer appeals to pathos as it causes the audience to really think about where their food comes from and reflect on their own eating habits, which conveys the whole idea behind the poster very well!

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