A short story of his life

Lawrence is tormented by cheque recently, he just recognized how many places he has been to when he just received the bill from the HOLLYWOOD STATE BANK, it is really a long story.

As far as Lawrence remembers, he bought a second-hand bicycle from City Bicycle Co. on Aug 18th, he thought that bicycle could bring him more convenience. on Sept 2nd, he caught a serious cold and went to Hollywood Hospital, he spent 100 USD for medicine and transfusion. On Oct. 6th, he paid 1,250 USD to Palisades School for Boys for joining a 4 months training classes on basketball.

To deal with his mum’s birthday, Lawrence went to a Diamond shopped and bought a necklace for his mum by paying for 678.45 USD on Nov. 18th, anyway, his mum was very happy with the gift. Then Lawrence found his shoes were going to wore out, he went to The Bootery buy himself a pair of shoes by paying as much as 145.25 USD on July 1st. 4 days later, on July 5th, Lawrence hurt his arm when riding his bicycle by rushing to a tree along the roadside, again, he had to go to the Hollywood Hospital and paid 100 USD for the medicine charges.

However, it’s a long list, Lawrence is tortured by his bill almost every moment, he must find some methods, even ask for help from his friends and family to pay the debts in a timely manner.

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