A warmth story of a unique power boy

In the book “The Shadow Thief”, the author Marc Levy uses third person narration to talk about a boy’s life, by using touching technique to recount the whole article and represent a warmth story to people. The whole book is a love story. It writes about the love between a mother and a son, first love between a boy and a girl, and a son’s love for his absent father. The protagonist always be bullied from his classmates, because of a unique power. He discovers that he can steal shadows from others and the shadow will speak with him and reveal the deepest wishes from their owners and he can know secret that they don’t willing to say. He began to be a companion to the people that need help and to find a better life for each of the stolen shadows and he also learns to pursue his own dream. These are some example that he helps. He helps the school janitor break free from his past to pursue his dream, he helps his best friends break free from his parents’ expectations and go to a middle school, he helps a fellow medical student discover why a young patient is starving himself to death.






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