literary element


In the play of Master Harold …. and the boys, the symbolism had been functioned largely as the tools to express the theme of the play. The “kite” in the play had been mentioned for several times in the play. The “Kite” is the symbol of the human relation between Hally and Sam, it is also a symbol of the human relation between different races and in the end of the play it represents the past happy history between Hally and Sam which had been destroyed by racial apartheid and the unhappy history of Hally and his Dad which could been eased by the effort of Sam.



Hally :“…… the sheer audacity of it took my breath away. I mean, seriously, what the hell does a black man know about flying a kite? I ‘ll be honest with you, Sam, I had no hopes for it. ”


Sam: “so were you, and shouting, “it works, Sam! We’ve done it!”


Quote 2:

Hally: Why did you make that kite, Sam?

Sam: I can’t remember

Hally: Truly?

Sam: Too long ago, Hally.



Sam: What’s strange about it?

Hally: Little white boy in short trousers and a blackk man old enough to be his father flying a kite. It’s not every day you see that.

Sam: But why strange? Because the one is white and the other black?



Sam: but the one person who should have teaching you what that means was the cause of your shame. If you really want to know, that’s why I made you that kite.I wanted you to look up, be proud of something, of yourself……..



Sam: …… Should we try again, Hally?

Hally: Try what?

Sam: Fly another kite, I suppose. It worked once, and this time I need it as much as you do.