Reflection on Identity

At the beginning, I don’t know Chinese people work that hard studying English to be a volunteer for the Olympics by watching the documentary “Mad About English”, the format of an interview poster and all different kinds of subcultures. After learning about identity, I know things about subcultures, format of an interview, structure of stories, blog feature, stereotypes, 7 different kind of stories and things about setting.Most interested thing to me is the subculture section, knowing the definition of all kinds and explore more specific information about Lolita by making a power point to present it. I would like to know more about structures and ways to analyze passages will be more helpful for reading and writing. Things that surprised me is that there’s so many different subcultures and they all have different belief from others, exploring one of the subcultures know about specific information make it more interesting. How important is awareness of identity? I think identity is about your responsibility and a behavior of yourself that affect your life and things you will experience, by identifying own identity will be helpful for living. New vocab that I learnt are ideology, utopia, dystopia, controversy, controversial, exposition, climax, denouement, simile, metaphor and personification.