The Outsiders — Reflection on chapter 1

Ponyboy walks out of a movie center and heads home. He enjoys watching movies alone, but people like him joining a gang of Socs aren’t safe. Greasers have long hair, dress in jeans and a leather jacket. They steal, rob, and fight in public. If Ponyboy’s brother finds out he had such behavior, then he will kill him. He suspects it’s a group of Socs following him and thinks of his friend, who was beaten badly by the Socs. The car stopped nearby Ponyboy, and five Socs get out. They threaten him and cut off his hair. He began to worry about his life and start to fight back and scream for help. His brother and other greasers heard his cry for help and came to save him. The Socs ran away. Once the danger passed, Darry scolds Ponyboy for walking alone, without any protections. Ponyboy is annoyed at Darry’s word, and Sodapop defends him.

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