The Outsiders — Reflection on chapter 1

Ponyboy walks out of a movie center and heads home. He enjoys watching movies alone, but people like him joining a gang of Socs aren’t safe. Greasers have long hair, dress in jeans and a leather jacket. They steal, rob, and fight in public. If Ponyboy’s brother finds out he had such behavior, then he will kill him. He suspects it’s a group of Socs following him and thinks of his friend, who was beaten badly by the Socs. The car stopped nearby Ponyboy, and five Socs get out. They threaten him and cut off his hair. He began to worry about his life and start to fight back and scream for help. His brother and other greasers heard his cry for help and came to save him. The Socs ran away. Once the danger passed, Darry scolds Ponyboy for walking alone, without any protections. Ponyboy is annoyed at Darry’s word, and Sodapop defends him.

Reflection on Identity

At the beginning, I don’t know Chinese people work that hard studying English to be a volunteer for the Olympics by watching the documentary “Mad About English”, the format of an interview poster and all different kinds of subcultures. After learning about identity, I know things about subcultures, format of an interview, structure of stories, blog feature, stereotypes, 7 different kind of stories and things about setting.Most interested thing to me is the subculture section, knowing the definition of all kinds and explore more specific information about Lolita by making a power point to present it. I would like to know more about structures and ways to analyze passages will be more helpful for reading and writing. Things that surprised me is that there’s so many different subcultures and they all have different belief from others, exploring one of the subcultures know about specific information make it more interesting. How important is awareness of identity? I think identity is about your responsibility and a behavior of yourself that affect your life and things you will experience, by identifying own identity will be helpful for living. New vocab that I learnt are ideology, utopia, dystopia, controversy, controversial, exposition, climax, denouement, simile, metaphor and personification.

literary element


In the play of Master Harold …. and the boys, the symbolism had been functioned largely as the tools to express the theme of the play. The “kite” in the play had been mentioned for several times in the play. The “Kite” is the symbol of the human relation between Hally and Sam, it is also a symbol of the human relation between different races and in the end of the play it represents the past happy history between Hally and Sam which had been destroyed by racial apartheid and the unhappy history of Hally and his Dad which could been eased by the effort of Sam.



Hally :“…… the sheer audacity of it took my breath away. I mean, seriously, what the hell does a black man know about flying a kite? I ‘ll be honest with you, Sam, I had no hopes for it. ”


Sam: “so were you, and shouting, “it works, Sam! We’ve done it!”


Quote 2:

Hally: Why did you make that kite, Sam?

Sam: I can’t remember

Hally: Truly?

Sam: Too long ago, Hally.



Sam: What’s strange about it?

Hally: Little white boy in short trousers and a blackk man old enough to be his father flying a kite. It’s not every day you see that.

Sam: But why strange? Because the one is white and the other black?



Sam: but the one person who should have teaching you what that means was the cause of your shame. If you really want to know, that’s why I made you that kite.I wanted you to look up, be proud of something, of yourself……..



Sam: …… Should we try again, Hally?

Hally: Try what?

Sam: Fly another kite, I suppose. It worked once, and this time I need it as much as you do.


Romeo & Juliet

Lord Montague is the leader of his family. When he heard about the relationship happening between Romeo and Juliet, his first response could be the same as any other father could have.

Lord Montague met with Capulet when he was on walking with Lady Montague. His servant went into the quarrel with his enemy houses’ servant. He was so angry that when he saw the enemy. He immediately drew the sword and shouted “You villain, Capulet! You the enemy of my soul.” Then he took the sword tried to fight with Capulet. But he was blocked by his wife. His wife, Lady Montague, had thought about how to stop his husband from bad temper and he had really known how to stop his husband from making the terrible mistakes. Making the terrible mistakes will make the Lord Montague to regret for his life. He confronted with Capulet that he might think of a way to stop him from doing his hateful things. He was stopped then by the prince when they were questioning about how the trouble was arose and how the quarrel could be just only the thing happening on the verge of breaking stone.

That demonstrated that Lord Montague was in extreme feud with the house of Capulet, he would kill him if he got the chance. Lord Montague said when they firstly encounter with Capulet. He said that what could be the quarrel begin. The quarrel begins with whom. Then he drew the sword and said it is time for me to fight them over. After the quarrel starts with house Capulet and house Montague.

The house feud could really just give way for the conflicts between the houses. Without feud, the houses can’t just be called as houses. They could not just be enemies with each other. They could be only the ones to protect themselves. They had to fight for their families. They had to think out of ways to further improve the protection they had with each other.

Lord Montague had begun with the care of Romeo. He worried about him. He knew that he had been through a lot unfair things with him. He had known that he had to think of a way to save him from grief and sadness. He had to make himself like the saviour of his son’s world. His son had to take his own actions to save his own world. Romeo was in deep trouble himself, he secluded himself from the rest of the world.

Lord Montague may have worried that he may think of a way to save his son. He must think of a way to save his own son. But he doesn’t know how. He had to think and think and think. Then he had to make plans and pale faces around his families. He doesn’t know when his bitterness could be over. His life would be just as hard as any stone could be. He doesn’t want that unhappiness happening in his own world. He thinks and think and think until one day, his son met his right girl which happened to be his enemy’s family.

He struggled, he really hated the fate for him. His family had been with fighting with Capulet forever. He had no options to stop his son when he knows about his son’s relationship with Juliet. But the thing is that, the whole play, he doesn’t know about his son’s love story at all. The only time he knows about the things, it is the time when Romeo died in front of him. He had no idea but crazily mourning. As the leader of the house, he had to think out ways to protect his reputation. He can’t let the relationship between sons and daughters ruin the reputation he had built step by step. As for his children’s relationship, he can’t just let them to hate their parents because of he is opposing their relation.

As for the feud with Juliet Father, he could not resist the confronting emotion between him and the family of Capulet. Then Juliet’s father would react the same, as the feud between their houses could not be solved in a single day. Then, they would be able to say that the things between houses can’t be resolved in a single daughter-son relationship.

Lord Montague would be strongly against their relationship when they firstly heard of the relationship happening between them. As for the protection for his son, he had to think out another solution to dissolve it.







A warmth story of a unique power boy

In the book “The Shadow Thief”, the author Marc Levy uses third person narration to talk about a boy’s life, by using touching technique to recount the whole article and represent a warmth story to people. The whole book is a love story. It writes about the love between a mother and a son, first love between a boy and a girl, and a son’s love for his absent father. The protagonist always be bullied from his classmates, because of a unique power. He discovers that he can steal shadows from others and the shadow will speak with him and reveal the deepest wishes from their owners and he can know secret that they don’t willing to say. He began to be a companion to the people that need help and to find a better life for each of the stolen shadows and he also learns to pursue his own dream. These are some example that he helps. He helps the school janitor break free from his past to pursue his dream, he helps his best friends break free from his parents’ expectations and go to a middle school, he helps a fellow medical student discover why a young patient is starving himself to death.






A short story of his life

Lawrence is tormented by cheque recently, he just recognized how many places he has been to when he just received the bill from the HOLLYWOOD STATE BANK, it is really a long story.

As far as Lawrence remembers, he bought a second-hand bicycle from City Bicycle Co. on Aug 18th, he thought that bicycle could bring him more convenience. on Sept 2nd, he caught a serious cold and went to Hollywood Hospital, he spent 100 USD for medicine and transfusion. On Oct. 6th, he paid 1,250 USD to Palisades School for Boys for joining a 4 months training classes on basketball.

To deal with his mum’s birthday, Lawrence went to a Diamond shopped and bought a necklace for his mum by paying for 678.45 USD on Nov. 18th, anyway, his mum was very happy with the gift. Then Lawrence found his shoes were going to wore out, he went to The Bootery buy himself a pair of shoes by paying as much as 145.25 USD on July 1st. 4 days later, on July 5th, Lawrence hurt his arm when riding his bicycle by rushing to a tree along the roadside, again, he had to go to the Hollywood Hospital and paid 100 USD for the medicine charges.

However, it’s a long list, Lawrence is tortured by his bill almost every moment, he must find some methods, even ask for help from his friends and family to pay the debts in a timely manner.

The Absolutely True Diary of Part-Time Indian

In the novel, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, Sherman Alexie creates a setting that affects the characters.

Junior was born in a poverty-stricken area and he lived in the  reservation, he doesn’t get enough food to eat and has a serious hydrocephalus which appears in his big head. His family is poor and does not even have enough money to pay a visit to the hospital.

He likes to draw comics as comics can be seen in similar ways in different people’s eyes, but Junior does not realize his dreams yet: to be an artist and live a better life.

Mr. P regards the Indian as a nation that should be eradicated or partly eradicated as for the nation is so poor and live without any hope.