Liza Donnelly Cartoon Analysis

In this cartoon called “How To Avoid Rape” Liza Donnelly criticizes the unjust requirements that society puts on women to avoid rape by using hyperbole, juxtaposition, and logos. Firstly Liza Donnelly critiques the completely unrealistic and unachievable standards society gives to women. Stating things as absurd as “How to please Everyone These are things that the reader knows are impossible to achieve. By stating them after the statement of “How To Avoid Rape” which at first seems like a reasonable standard, Donnelly can show the audience just how unreasonable this goal is through the exaggeration of some of the prerequisites on How To Avoid Rape. Secondly, Donnelly also uses logos through the form of listing to help show the unrealistic standards society places on women. Through the listing of all the standards that society applies to women, it allows the reader to see the unfair burden that society applies to women. By listing more and more standards, Donnelly gets across her point that society has unrealistic standards for women. Finally, Liza Donnelly uses juxtaposition and contrast to further show unrealistic expectations. In the cartoon, there are two girls in a college dorm in what society would deem as acceptable clothing. Despite this, one of the “courses” they have to take to avoid rape is how to dress. This contrasts with the image in which they seemed dressed, following society’s ideas of acceptable clothing. This helps to show the impossibility of asking women to be responsible for avoiding rape as despite them following all of society’s guidelines, they still need to do more. In conclusion, Liza Donnelly criticizes the unjust standards that society has placed on women and the unequal responsibility they have in trying to stay safe.



I think that I did alright in both the formative and summative Socratic seminar. I felt that I contributed a fair share to the discussion. In terms of SAL I feel that I did alright this quarter I think I came to most classes prepared with what I needed to do. I think one thing I could improve would be my collaboration. I think I need to work on communicating with people to improve my collaboration. My goal for the future is to continue doing what I have been doing. I also want to try and contribute more to the class in all situations.

Five Things

  1. Books
    1. Steve Jobs
    2. 1984
    3. Prey
    4. To kill a mocking bird
    5. Lord of the rings
  2. Podcasts
    1. Talking Machines
    2. FiveThirtyEight
    3. Hello World
    4. What to think
    5. Adreessen Horowitz a16z
  3. Documentaries
    1. Strange Islands
    2. How to build a nuclear submarine.
    3. The Manhattan project
    4. Ferenheight 9/11
  4. Memes
  5. Memories
    1. Xin long Observatory
    2. Play
    3. Via Ferrata
    4. PinYao trip
    5. Boxer rebellion trip

Advice for the future

Thing to look forward to:

-Lots of homework

-Cool projects

-Year long drama classes

-Influence among the little ones

-Big mentoring breakfast

-Sitting in the balcony

Things to do:

-Respect peers/teachers


-Be who you are

-Take risk

-Make new friends

-Be on time to every class

Travel Magazine


Andrew Dominik and i collaborated to make this magazine. This was the product of weeks of hard work making everything. We split every thing evenly among the tree of us. We conquered each task well and finished the magazine. We faced lots of hardships like deadlines, one of our group members even left us in the middle of it. We were able to finish everything with just the two of us and made this magazine. This is my favorite project of 8th grade and i can’t wait for 9th grade to do more.

The Tournament Resolution

The resolution is when they discover all the people who killed and were killed. In the resolution they find out all that has been happening. Bess (Queen Elizabeth) and her teacher Mr.Ascham find all the killers. After more than 5 unexplained murders with in the few days they were at the tournament Bess and Mr.Ascham find who did it. They questioned a bunch of people and using the knowledge they gained the found the many killers. They revealed that Pietre tried to kill a priest but failed killing some one else. The priest figured out and killed who he thought killed him. The priest killed his parents instead. And the last death Darius the wrestler was completely unrelated. It was a cover up by the queen to cover up the fact that she was cheating on the king. That is the resolution to this book the Tournament.

How does Dialogue effect the character

Dear Mr. Schroder


This is how dialogue effected the character Eugénie in the book pale assassin. The first quote shows that she is spoiled and doesn’t care very much about any thing. “‘We could go in a café and have some lemonade’”(9 Elliott). This is a great example to show that she is spoiled and does not care very much about any one else. Just before this her servant suggested that they go and sit down but she ignored her completely. It also shows that she is spoiled by using the word lemonade in the sentence. During the revolution it was hard for the people to get bread but Eugénie didn’t care. She got the lemonade when it was hard for others to just get the cheapest food there was, bread. Eugénie was spoiled by the fact that she got an expensive drink in these times without thinking twice about it.


The next quote shows that she cares about her family. “‘I want to stay with you, Armand’ she said firmly” (62). This is a prime example of how Eugénie cares about her family. During this time she could have chosen to go anywhere, she could have lived outside of France even. But because of the fact that her brother Armand is staying she wants to stay with him. This decision is a hard one for knowing that things could have gotten a lot worse for her if she stayed. Later on in that conversation she even says “I don’t care! I don’t want to leave you. Don’t send me away again, I beg you”(62) this just strengthens the fact that she loves her family and will make decisions off of it to just be with them. This is how dialogue shaped the character Eugénie in the book The Pale Assassin.




The French Revolution Journal

The story starts with Toussaint Fortier a noble in his study. He lives in a mansion in the outside of Paris. All he wants to do is live his life. He is a fond supporter of the king and is part of the estates general. He goes through the different parts of the revolution. In the tennis court oath he is very opposed to the peasants he thinks that they are bad. He does not know what is going on until it ends. He then starts yelling at his servant for not in forming him as he finds more information. In the middle during the next point the storming of the bastilles he is starting to change his view. The king was good but the state of France is changing his views. At the reign of terror he is not only being hunted by the Jacobins but is having an internal conflict of wondering whether or not the king was a very fair government. After his execution fails, he has made up his mind. Then at the very end he is part of the nobles that make the new directory. During the whole revolution they where all starving, the difference was that they were all starving not just the peasants. they also had a new government from monarchy to more of democracy.

The French Revolution in Plain English

This is about the french revolution. The turning points that we used is the tennis court oath, the storming of the bastille, the  march on Versailles, the reins of terror. We split the work up, I did the script while jackson found the images. We edited the script together and we each recorded on part of the voice. The next time we took a white board and we made the video. Finally i edited it.

Question Responses

1.The statement that triggered the most thought provoking discussions was number 4. we had discussions of what it meant and then decided what we felt on that.

2.For all the questions that we disagreed we would talk about our view points first. For number four we talked about what the questions meant and what it was about. Then after that we would agree on something. So for question four we all decided that all humans were created equal.

3.The strongest point was when molly brought in real life evidence. It was questions number three and she brought in evidence from the UK. This was evidence that the rules should be bent sometimes.