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Mandarin Oriental Fan Campaign— Analysis

In one of Mandarin Oriental’s fan campaign videos, Vanessa Mae—a Canadian violinist—speaks about what attracts her to Mandarin Oriental.

Firstly, Mae employs specific language choices to better promote the hotel’s positive features. The technique of transfer is used throughout the segment through phrases such as “impeccable services and beautiful spas”, highlighting the most desirable and first-class attributes of the hotel to paint a positive image of it. This appeals to pathos because the audience will feel compelled to stay at the hotel to enjoy these services. The violinist also uses second person pronouns near the end of the video to talk directly to the audience, building a stronger connection between herself and the viewers and thus, establishing ethos. The use of ethos compels the audience to better trust Mae’s words and review of the hotel. Second person pronouns can also provoke thought in the audience about the possible experiences that can be provided by the hotel, increasing the chances of them visiting. Furthermore, Mae recounts anecdotes about being comfortable with the accommodations she resides in during performance dates, appealing to fellow musicians who will feel persuaded to stay at the Mandarin Oriental because Mae, as a renowned violinist, does so.

Secondly, the video depicts Mae in an elegant manner to present the hotel as fancy and elite. In the interviews, dim lighting surrounds Mae so that the light falls on her, making her the focal point. The manipulation of lighting in the frame also serves to create a classy and high-end atmosphere, further promoting the hotel as elite. Moreover, the modern and lavish setting, along with Mae’s elegant dress, contributes to the technique of snob appeal by depicting the hotel as one that caters to wealthy people and provides luxurious services. The use of snob appeal persuades people to stay at the hotel by evoking the desire to be part of the “elite class”.

Thirdly, music is used in the video to appeal to Mae’s fans. The background music is one of Mae’s own recordings (as mentioned at the very end of the video, which states that the piece is “Theme from ‘Caravans’” played by Vanessa Mae), which establishes ethos by connecting the video to her fans. This further strengthens the bond between Mae and the viewers who are her fans, so these people will be more likely to visit the hotel.

Thus, through the use of language choices like transfer and second person pronouns, imagery of elegance, and background music, the producers effectively persuade viewers to stay at the Mandarin Oriental.



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