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This article discusses how beauty saddens us because of the unattainable nature of it, and how beauty serves as a reminder of a life we could have, yet cannot. A strong contrast of language is used when comparing the depressing city view to the magnificent countryside, which strengthens the author’s argument of beauty being a rarity in our lives. The article reminds us to appreciate the little things in life, which is helpful while we are going through a fast-paced senior year.
An unconventional kind of love—the appreciation of ugly, damaged things—is investigated through numerous examples. The author argues that this love is even more important than the conventional kind and guides the reader in a logical way towards the conclusion that society would benefit greatly from this lesser-known type of love. This topic is relevant because love is something the world needs more of during these trying times.
The author tells the reader that humans are frequently united by shared grief, and how we feel connected to unhappy-looking individuals because we think that they will understand us. Though the examination is merely superficial, the use of sophisticated language and strong imagery introduces this compelling viewpoint. This topic may be why we, as students, feel united in our suffering and bond over turning in our assignments at 11:59 pm.
This article provides reasons for why misanthropes despise humans in the form of a list. Formal, negative language is used to heavily influence the mood of the piece, emphasizing the topic of discussion. The topic is highly relevant to debates such as climate change in which people argue whether or not humankind is worth saving.
The intimacy of friendship—captured by the Greek word philia—is explored in this piece. The author elevates friendship into something above romantic love by including examples of personal thoughts and using words of positive connotation to describe friendship. I chose this article because of someone special I recently befriended and how the article accurately captures the essence of this friendship.
This list gives six aspects that makes a good friend through straightforward and simple language. This article is highly relevant to society since relationships with other humans are important to emotional and mental health.
This article explores the psychology behind our fear of the word “no” and how this relates to our need for self-validation. As a common phenomenon observed in society—where people are afraid to ask others for help in fear of being rejected—this article helps us better understand why this worry exists.
This list gives reasons for why friendship exists through simple and effective language to refute the notion that friendship is meaningless. This subject is highly relevant to modern society where people are becoming more disconnected due to technology.

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