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The Odyssey: Transformation Project

For this project, I chose the social platform TripAdvisor because it is popular with travelers and fits especially well with the whole idea of “the hero’s journey” that Odysseus embarks on. I also have a personal connection to this platform because my family uses it when traveling overseas, so I have had experience with the features of this website. I believe this unconventional choice concentrates more on capturing the essence of each location in Odysseus’ journey effectively as opposed to specific plot points, but Odysseus’ “reviews” of each “hotel” also features key plot details by revealing the challenges he faces at each place.


Since social media is a contemporary luxury, I chose to use modern informal language for Odysseus’ reviews, including trendy language such as referring to the lotus fruits as “drugs”. This type of language mirrors the syntax used on the actual website, increasing the authenticity of my project. I also represented Odysseus’ prideful side through his taunts in the review of the Polyphemus’ cave and straightforward bashing of most “hotels”. He is also depicted to disbelieve in deities in his review of Aeolia because I believe Odysseus’ pride would likely have caused him to regard himself as almost on par with the gods, particularly after his victory in Troy and the general depiction of him as the “hero”. Furthermore, I chose to structure my project chronologically so that it would appear as if Odysseus leaves a “review” after his encounters on every island. This is a logical structure for my social media choice and is easy to follow. Thus, my creation of Odysseus’ “reviews” on TripAdvisor summarizes important plot points in his journey from Troy to Calypso’s island in a clear and simple format.


Here are some examples of the reviews I created:

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