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Obsolete: A Poem

Woke up to deep slumber

plagued by a spiraling staircase of

sunshine dreams and star-lit reveries and


Grasped at the strip of light

that blinded me

and the darkness settled.


Stood on the edge of the abyss to see

the faces I saw in nightmares

gasping, begging, clawing

for a pure and altruistic soul

that wasn’t mine.

Whispered apologies as I turned away

and the bridge across went up in flames.


Blocked by a silvery boulder

with the red and white scrawled upon

to obscure the distance that now lies between.

Impossible escape from this cycle

of shame and pride

of denial and acceptance

of hatred and love

of life and


death? The vast expanse of dusk lying at my feet

and the single dirt path on the other side

that turned and twisted infinitely.

A test for the worthy, for the broken and strong and—

I take the leap.

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