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Farewell: Two Years of IB English

What have I learned…

I’ve learned about the appreciation of language and literature while also honing my analysis skills of techniques and their effects. The course has taught me to pay closer attention to every stylistic choice the author makes, and how it aids the achievement of the text’s purpose. In short, every choice is deliberate, and only through careful reading and deep thinking can one truly appreciate the effort and thought put into the texts.

What will I miss…

I’ll miss the class sitting all at one long table like the painting “The Last Supper” as it was a truly amusing sight. To answer the question more seriously, I’ll miss reading the texts we had to read for class because I truly enjoyed most of them (…not going to name any titles :p)

What will I always remember…

I’ll forever remember that feeling of elation and relief I felt the moment I stepped out of the interrogation-like book room upon finishing my individual oral.

What text, literary or non-literary collection of works, stood out the most, and why…

Carol Ann Duffy’s poems will always hold a place in my heart because she so masterfully conveys her message through the succinct form of poetry, which I believe is no easy feat. I also adore the creativity of her The World’s Wife collection, and Duffy’s retellings are raw and genuine in a way that tugs at my heartstrings.


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