Plot of Friends: The One with the Monkey

“The One with the Monkey” is the tenth episode of the American television sitcom Friends. The story starts off as the friends are discussing the party on New Year’s Eve, and how they will celebrate it. Chandler proposes a no-date pact, saying that none of them should bring someone and should spend the party with each other, which everyone reluctantly agrees to. This introduces the dramatic question of “will they actually uphold their agreement or will they break their pact and bring a date to the party?” The protagonists of this episode, like most of the others, are all of the friends. Their desire is a conscious desire, which is them wanting to bring someone to the party. The conscious desire of the protagonists in the main cause of the conflict. The conflict was that the protagonists’ desire for a date led them to actually break their pact and bring someone. This conflict is an external, as the date that they bring is one of the things breaking the pact. At the party, nearly everyone is with their dates, but it doesn’t go as expected. Some can’t make it, one was interested in other people, another was depressed due to his grandfather’s death, one had to leave for 3 years, and one had “weird” behaviour. In the end, they were all alone during New Year’s, keeping the pact they made despite their attempts to break it. This answers the dramatic question by showing that they tried to break the pact but ended up keeping it. The conflict was them bringing a date and breaking the pact, but since bringing dates went wrong, they ended up keeping the pact and becoming closer friends with each other, therefore resolving the conflict. 🙂

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