5 ways Jack Reacher is similar to Sherlock Holmes in Without Fail

Many people love Jack Reacher for the action and thrill of him fighting the enemy, while people love Sherlock Holmes because of his eccentric personality and the way he uses logic to solve his cases. These two characters may seem different, but there are some similarities as well. Here are 5 ways Jack Reacher is similar to Sherlock Holmes in Without Fail.


  1. They don’t do it for the money

In the Sherlock Holmes stories, in some of the cases Holmes gets, he does get paid, but usually not because he asked for it, but because the clients insisted. Holmes stated that he solved cases not for the glory and money, but for the pleasure of solving a puzzle. In Without Fail, Jack Reacher has to stop an assassination attempt on the Vice President. Jack Reacher doesn’t do it for the money either. He actually has enough money to live a good and calm life, but he chooses not to. Instead, he goes around and helps people because he enjoys it.


  1. They are both skilled in hand-to-hand combat

Jack Reacher is a former military policeman and had spent many years training and doing missions with the military. After leaving the military, he still retained his fighting skills and used them at the end of Without Fail. Sherlock Holmes is highly skilled in martial arts and used those skills to survive Moriarty’s attempt to push him off a waterfall.


  1. They both do deductions

Sherlock Holmes is famous for his skills in solving cases with deduction. He can determine a person’s occupation, personality, and more in one short glance, which allows him to solve many mysteries. Jack Reacher has similar abilities, though he does it slightly differently. Sherlock Holmes is set in the late 1800s and early 1900s, which means that his deductions are based on the technology of his time. Jack Reacher’s deductions also include modern technology, such as the numerous types of guns that exist. Both men use these skills to find the tiniest of details that help resolve the problem.


  1. They can both “stalk” someone

In Without Fail, Jack Reacher was able to follow and observe a Secret Service agent in order to assess her skills and whether she would be able to succeed. She and her colleagues had no idea that he was there, and took it as a surprise when he revealed that fact. Sherlock Holmes is able to follow someone without being detected as well. He can track someone and know their every move without them even knowing.



  1. They don’t mind breaking the law

Many of Sherlock Holmes’ cases include him breaking and entering, hiding evidence, and lying to the police when he thinks it’s the right thing to do. In addition, he enjoys confusing the policeman and solving the cases himself. Jack Reacher’s reason for breaking the law seems a bit darker than Holmes’ reason. Reacher doesn’t show remorse when he kills the enemy since he thinks that they deserve it. In Without Fail, he shoots one of the antagonists with no emotion on his face as revenge for the murder of his lover.



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  1. Evan L says:

    Hey Curtis! I really like how you talked about the personalities of both Jack and Sherlock. A question that I have is what critical lens that you are using.

  2. Eric L says:

    Great ideas and content but you should add pictures

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