The Servant’s Revenge

The servant crept soundlessly through the starless night, like a lion stalking its prey. It was all their fault. The Montagues and the Capulets. Both families deserve the most severe of punishments, starting with the Montagues for bringing that wretched boy into the world. That scoundrel was the primary reason the servant’s beloved Juliet was dead. He believed that if it weren’t for that Montague son, he would have been able to win over Juliet’s heart. But now she’s dead. The servant then approached the house of the Montagues to exact his revenge.

However, there was a small part inside the servant that told him not to go along with his plan.  Should he leave the families be and continue on with his life? Or should he murder them in their sleep as punishment? Leaving them be would be the right thing to do, and would let the society continue in peace. It would keep his hands clean and he could move on. But he was too consumed with rage and grief, and decided that they still deserve punishment.

When the servant neared the the house, he stopped in the trees. He thought, “would Juliet want me to do this?” He had two sides of him fighting each other, and was torn between avenging the death of Juliet by killing those who caused her death, or respecting her and letting them live. The servant paced back and forth, wringing his hands in frustration. He didn’t know what to do, what choice to make. However, he then realised, it didn’t matter what Juliet would think, because she was dead. The rage and grief took over once more and the servant looked up at the massive house with his fists clenched and teeth bared.

He walked towards his shadow on the wall of the house and began to climb up the side of the house. As he climbed, the wind roared around him, protesting, but the servant kept going. When reached the bedroom window of Lord and Lady Montague, he quietly stepped into the bedroom and took out the dagger he stole from a Capulet noble. He inched slowly towards the prone bodies on the bed, and slaughtered the heads of the family as if they were pigs. The Lord went out without a sound but the lady let out a loud shriek, alerting the others in the house. The servant dropped the knife, climbed out of the window, and descended to the ground. He only managed to kill two of them, but that was enough. The deed was done.

The next morning, the Montague’s discovered the knife with the Capulet seal engraved on it, and yelled in outrage. They stormed into the city square and declared war on the Capulets. The following fight was bloody with many casualties in both families. The servant watched the sweet sorrow of battle from afar and smiled as the feud began once more.

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