The Burning House Project

Name: Daniel L.

Location: Beijing, China

Occupation: Student

If my house was to burn I would probably bring:

  • My backpack
  • A Pokémon handbook
  • “The Power of Poppy Pendle” by Natasha Lowe
  • A stuffed Pumpkaboo doll
  • My banana pencil case
  • My whatever notebook
  • Thick winter socks
  • Passport
  • Student ID
  • Earphones
  • A pack of origami


To start off, the red cloth below all of my stuff is a scarf that I like to wear below my yellow jacket. The jacket that I wanted to put in the photo, but decided not to because I would normally be wearing it outside.

I wanted to bring a backpack just in case there was stuff I needed to hold that I couldn’t hold in my hands, such as the things in the photo above. I chose to bring my school backpack ‘cause it’s reliable.

Pokémon has always been something I’ve loved. The multitude of creatures you can catch along with the many strategies you could have fun with made this game stick with me for a long time. Everything I used to do on my spare time was probably related to Pokémon. I just needed to bring the handbook with me.

Reading is not something I do a lot. I’m usually either busy with something else (like gaming) or too tired to read. The book “The Power of Poppy Pendle” was one of the few books that I chose to read myself, and it’s a good thing I did. I have good memories of reading this book.

On my visit to Japan, I just had to go to one of their Pokémon Centers. Luckily there was one in the mall next to the hotel. It was there that I bought the plush Pumpkaboo. Now, sometimes I use it to comfort myself.

I actually got the banana pencil case for free, I think, from an airport. I just use this to hold my stationary, and I brought this because I need to be able to write.

Whenever I’m bored, I take out my notebook and do stuff. I’ve had the notebook for a while now, and I use it for math homework. I brought the notebook just in case I wanted to write something.

My feet get cold, so I wear thick winter socks.

The passport and student ID are mine, and I brought them in case there were any problems.

Music is my life. It sucks that I can’t really work while listening to music, but I need music or else I feel empty. The thing is that my family does not like my music, so I usually wear earphones.

Origami! It is something that I like to do. I love to fiddle around with things – make things, try things, so when I don’t have anything to do, like no phone, I look for paper. This paper I use to either doodle on, or fold. Although I don’t need to bring the pack or origami paper, I usually just have it kept in my bag, so I would’ve brought it without thinking anyways.

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