4 Special Things in The Knife of Never Letting Go

The book The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness was a book recommended to me by my brother. After reading it, I now see why he liked it so much. Below are 4 things I like about the book.

Number 1: Colloquialism

Probably the first thing you’ll notice when you read this book is that it’s very casual, throwing in lots of slang here and there. This really gives the reader the feeling that they are actually listening to the protagonist, Todd’s thoughts for narration.


Number 2: Misspelled Words

Throughout the book, there are a few words that aren’t spelled correctly. For example, he spells creatures is spelled “creachers”, and preparations is spelled “preparayshuns”. This goes along with the first point about showing Todd using the narration. It is mentioned in the chapter “Prentisstown” that when his caretaker Ben tries to teach him to read and write, the mayor locks Ben up for a week, so he had never learned how to spell properly.


Number 3: The Noise

The Noise is a very important part of the story. It’s the whole reason why Prentisstown is in such a bad shape, and it’s a way author Patrick Ness explores Todd’s internal conflict. The place where the story takes place is in a place called New World. In this place the men, and only the men, are infected with this thing called the Noise that allows everybody around hear whoever have the Noise’s thoughts. This makes Todd have to be really careful about what he thinks and it causes him to push away some of his problems.


Number 4: Sci-Fi?

Although it is in the genre of science fiction, it doesn’t really feel like one. It’s only really sci-fi because it takes place on a different planet, and even then, the New World seems very similar to Earth. It even has the same animals. The point is that I don’t really like reading science fiction, but with this book, instead of just having lots of futuristic technology, it really just focuses on Todd, the Noise, and how the Noise affected the humans.

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