So… We had to make a propaganda poster for English

I made this propaganda poster primarily appealing to pathos for the purpose of advertising ISB as the best school to graduate from. In my experience of 13 years at this school, ISB is the best one I’ve ever went to, and since I’m leaving in like two years, I think it’s about time that the non-ISB students know that too.

First of all, the “#ISBest” on the top left is there to engage the younger audiences. The hashtag dates the poster to be more modern and allows the discussion to continue online. It is in white to both stand out against the dark blue background so that it can be seen more clearly and also represent ISB’s pure white perfection.

The background is a clear starry night sky. This serves two purposes: Number one, the stars in the sky, especially shooting ones, represent dreams as well as symbols of hope and achievement which are what ISB will help with. Stars, such as the North Star, have also been traditionally used as a navigation tool, similarly, ISB also helps students navigate through life. And number two, ISB pasted right into the middle of the sky shows that it is so high up, the other schools can’t even get close to ISB’s greatness.

Inside the gate of ISB, there is a giant green tree, with peonies growing out of it, surrounded by orange roses. The abundance of greenery shows the audience that ISB is nurturing and able to properly take care of the these plants, which also lends to the idea that ISB is also very capable of taking care or teaching their students. Each plant also had a symbolic meaning attached to it. The large pine tree represents ISB’s ability to take care of the students, the peonies that the pine tree is growing represent the good fortune and honor that ISB will provide for its students, and the orange roses represent the passion that ISB fosters in their students. As an extra note, the stop signs and speed limit have been changed to invite students to come in and to show motivation for the students to keep going.

After talking all about the background of this poster, we’re finally onto the subject. I purposely made the graduated student the most eye-catching thing about this piece of propaganda. The people on the left facing towards the student make this him the center of attention. The students are smaller than the graduate while also bowing to him, showing the great disparity in power and respect, and the one standing up is in awe of the graduate’s amazingness. The graduate himself is indifferent and has a heavenly glow about him, with part of the graduate cap floating above his head likened to a halo. He is looking up towards the rainbow which represents the colorful dreams that he is able to follow now that he has graduated from ISB, and below him are a bunch of peonies and lilacs. Peonies, as mentioned before, to represent the prosperity and honor that an ISB graduation give him, and lilacs to represent the happiness and tranquility that he has now achieved. All this is to show the amount of respect and wisdom that graduation from ISB will give a student. In terms of colors, in order to more clearly separate ISB with the other schools, both the photo of ISB and the graduated student have increased saturation while the other figures are completely drained of color in black and white. The saturation gives ISB and the student more life, while on the other side of the coin, the black and white of the students represent the boring, dull life of a non-ISB student.

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