Learning from Home

Hi! How’s everybody doing? Now most of us are stuck at home, and, as to be expected, I’m having trouble with learning online. I kind of knew that this whole process would be a drag for me. I have trouble finding the motivation to really do anything at home, and not having to physically go to school every day makes it kind of feel like I don’t have any responsibility to do anything either. So, I kind of gave myself a three-week vacation and now I’m really paying for it. Luckily, I’ve got my whole family here to help me, but sometimes, it just feels like I’m being too much of a nuisance. Well, on another note, I’m still stuck in the US. Right now, we’re stuck in someone else’s apartment while their back in China, so that’s nice, we’ve actually got a place to stay by ourselves. Usually, I’m just living with my parents, since both my brother and sister are already way older than me, but they recently came to live with us here and I’ve remembered how important it is to actually talk with people. I think, this whole experience has been really beneficial for me. I don’t really think I’m gonna change into a more responsible student, because I’ve already said that to myself way too many times, but I’ve learned how much work I can actually do if I put my mind to it, and I’m starting to learn how to organize my time properly. Anyways, here’s to hoping we all get through this, at least okay, and if anyone’s reading this, feel free to comment below about anything.

(Lol, I pretty much missed the sunset in this picture, and don’t judge me, I’m not a professional photographer :P)

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