Almost Home (The Odyssey Transformation)

We were so close to home. We could see it. And what was I doing? I was so relieved and exhausted that I decided to take a nap. I can’t believe what happened. At that point, I had completely disregarded telling my crew about the bag, and I assume, thinking that the bag was full of silver and gold from Aeolus, my men opened the bag letting out all the wind out at once, blasting us all the way back to Aeolus. I just had no words to process it. Finally, after so long of drifting across the sea, wondering if my wife and son were doing well on their own, I had almost arrived home to be able to actually see them and hold them in my arms. I don’t really want to think about it much longer.

So yeah, yeah. I guess I’m hated by the gods, that curse from Polyphemus really coming through. Seeing that we wasted his bag of winds, Aeolus kicked us out and we had to row ourselves back again. Seven more days, we continued on and met some man-eating giants, whatever.


Eventually, we landed on Aeaea, home of the daughter of Helios, Circe. However, more like a witch than a goddess, she turned half of my crew into pigs and tried to poison me with a potion. With the guidance of Hermes, I got past her tricks, making her swear an oath of peace, saving my men from swinehood. Actually, Aeaea’s not that bad, not until Circe warms up to you at least. The large forests there are bustling with wildlife, gorgeous rivers lead all the way to the ocean, and after the oath with Circe, she’s provided our crew with wine and meat daily, so we don’t even have to worry about starving. We could be here for a while, while we gather our spirits.

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