Satirical Writing Practice: IB

The IB Course has a base that is easy and relaxing for its candidates, and the majority of the classes are not challenging for students to cope with. The course is certain to sustain students futures and prepare them financially for college. 

The course itself is easy and fun. We should encourage more students to join the big IB family. The purpose of IB is to prepare students for college learning, and some students even say that they learned so much in IB, they didn’t even learn anything in college.
IB is a very relaxing course, for example: writing the 4000 words EE is easy; writing the TOK essay and preparing for the TOK presentation is barely time-consuming, leaving lots of time for students to relax outside of class. No worries, IB is a very simple course to take that ensures 100% guaranteed success. 
A course in IB called SL Sleep Lessons in which you learn how to sleep properly and get enough sleep to start the day off. Students often compete with each other about who slept the most and who hasn’t. This course has been so competitive, there’s even a competition for just sleeping is SL classes! 

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