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In-class paper 1 reflection

  The result for the “Insiders’ Guide” paper 1 we did in-class about two weeks before came out today. Ms. Abdallah mentioned that I should focus on recognizing the writer’s tone as both awestruck and reassuring and that the text… Continue Reading →

Paper 1 annotation (3.23.2021)

  This is the annotation I’ve done during class time in preparation for the paper 1

Paper 2 outline practice

Today in class, we worked on writing the thesis statement and the outline for a paper 2. Our group was assigned question 2, “To what extent can meaning of a literary work change over time? How does this question apply… Continue Reading →

Modeling the structure of A Doll’s House

During class, I did a brief outline of jotting my thoughts based on the plot/subplots and paralleling of the characters. Below is the image of the work I’ve done. Below is a link to the original worksheet that our teacher… Continue Reading →

Examining Themes in A Doll’s House

We did a presentation during class about our individually chosen themes in The Doll’s House. The theme I had chosen was “parental/filial obligation and responsibility.” Below is the annotation and outline I did on the worksheet that was used during… Continue Reading →

A Doll’s House theme presentation notes (2)

These are the notes taken in class on Jan.29 Theme: Sacrificial roles of women Theme: Deception and lies Theme: Gender roles Theme: Family, marriage and relationships

A Doll’s House theme presentation notes

The following images are the notes I have taken during class presentations about the themes explored in the short play “The Doll’s House” by Henrik Ibsen. Date: Jan.27/2021   Theme: Heredity Theme: Independence/freedom/exploring one’s identity Theme: Betrayal Theme: The unreliability… Continue Reading →

A Doll’s House Finale

Last class on the 15th, we had finished reading the Doll’s House. I first didn’t want to be picked to be the one reading the book out loud in the middle of the class, but now that the reading is… Continue Reading →

Mrs. Linde Character Trace

She’s an old friend of Nora’s. Doesn’t have any children, her marriage was loveless, based on a need for financial security. Her husband, Krogstad was too poor so Mrs. Linde searches for a job in town to earn money, survive… Continue Reading →

A Doll’s House Q&A (Jan. 5th), Henrik Ibsen researching

A Doll’s House may be described as a ‘well-made play’: a style of 19th century play with clear- cut protagonists and antagonists, artificially logical plots, often involving some ‘skeleton in the family cupboard’, and usually happy endings. These plays often… Continue Reading →

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