• Do you consider yourself to be “political”? Why or why not?

I don’t consider myself as a “political.”. Be political should always be in pursuit of power in order to achieve the goal by all means, at the expense of personal interests, political groups, and even everything. Often in a problematic situation, the first consideration is the advantages and disadvantages. What are the advantages and disadvantages of rights and interests, often need the most calm thinking, from an objective point of view to analyze and choose the best scheme. And I am a very emotional person, so I don’t think I am a very political person.

• What does it mean to be political?

Politicians are the best representatives of be political. As the dictionary explains, a politician is “a person who relies on Political Speculation for personal or group self-interest.”. Most politicians are politicians, and the interests they seek do not include the majority of the people, but are often in line with their own interests and their own positions. In an environment where it is difficult to distinguish right from wrong, the key to judge is whether he says it for self-interest or justice.

• Is everything political? Why or why not?

“The right and real things in this world, the values and world outlook of self-belief, and your understanding of a better life, all the things that are important and meaningful to you, are based on the extension of political thinking.”

But does it mean that all personal affairs are political? Obviously not.

I love my family. What I want to eat at night has nothing to do with politics. What games I want to play and how long I sleep have nothing to do with politics.. Like most people, I live in areas that have nothing to do with politics – at least not in any clear or direct way – and I don’t want to be politicized. But in some areas, ideology has reached the point that such a universal and humanized attitude is now regarded as politics. Any different ideas that exist among different people will be politicized and lead to wrong understanding.

• How important do you feel it is to be aware of what is going on in politics?

Politics plays a vital role in individuals, but it’s not apparent. Its role is indirect, tortuous, systematic, structural, and it’s like the air surrounding us, but it’s not easy to notice

Some people write about pure literature and art, which is also politics. But it is an indirect political subject. It is still an expression of political attitude and views.

Politics is the expression and representation of a particular group’s interests so that it will appear in people’s life. Learning politics is a subject to analyze and study this kind of expression and the exclusiveness of interests covered by it

Therefore, learning politics has no direct effect on life, but it is inevitable.

• What are the political issues that you believe are most important right now and why?

The allocation of resources is incredibly unfair. The most ideal state of urban resources is: the balanced development of each place, but now the local people holding resources such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou are not willing to allocate them to the places lacking resources for development. The backward areas are still backward, and the areas with abundant resources are extremely comfortable. There is a big gap between the rich and the poor, and there is a huge gap in education and other resources. Having resources in hand means having money. It is said that the rich first will lead the rich later, and the rich first will block the way to get rich for next generation for next year. Wealth will be reduced and devalued. Also because of selfish human nature, the first rich will only think that it is none of his business whether the people behind are rich or not. It’s just cheating the rich, because the policy makers are the elderly, so social resources are biased towards the elderly, and public opinion is also making the rich happy. The most obvious thing is that the law does not blame the elderly, but the elderly have privileges. And young people make complaints about more than 3000 of their monthly wages, and 4000 of their monthly pension. People who don’t work get more money than people who work. It’s strange that the pension is not in deficit.

Mini exhibition reflect

During the first semester, we considered knowledge questions related to “Knowledge and the Knower” and “Knowledge and Technology.”  Looking back, what learning engagements stand out to you the most and why?  

I think is “knowledge and technology group challenge”.

In this challenge, different groups have to extend and expand according to various problems and topics. In addition, we need to focus on the connection between knowledge and technology. This challenge requires everyone to think independently from the beginning and analyze the details and topics from different perspectives according to the selected problems. Because it is group cooperation, the team members must discuss various divisions and the angle of analysis in advance. When choosing the way of presentation, our group decided on a talk show. This way of presentation can help us to understand the problems we have chosen, and it will not be present in a boring way. In addition, the talk show is better for every team member to participate and cut in from different angles. Another advantage is to quote examples from daily life so that the audience will not be unable to understand because of some unique points in the process of watching.

In what ways, if any, has your perspective shifted as a result of your participation in this course so far?

So far, due to my participation in the TOK process, my ideas have changed a lot. In the past, I didn’t feel too much about the vocabulary of “knowledge” this time, and formed the concept that “knowledge” is equal to learning. Later, I realized that the word “knowledge” contains many aspects. “Knowledge” can be connected with many things and has the ability to change them. The acquisition of “knowledge” means the possibility of changing facts. The concept of “knowledge” has both objectivity and subjectivity. Objectivity is the established reality, but at the same time, there is subjective influence, forming the subjective reality. Therefore, the use of “knowledge” completely depends on whether the parties override the established reality.

Looking ahead to the exhibition requirement, what do you want to keep in mind? 

After looking back, I think the part of my writing should be changed. After reading the requirement, I think the part I wrote before is slightly off topic. In the previous part, because I paid too much attention to the subjectivity and objectivity of knowledge, the part I wrote was not to a large extent for the discussion and in-depth topic according to the exhibition items. At the same time, it is mentioned in the requirement that evidence should be connected with the writing part.

Thinking back on the writing you have done so far in the course, what can you do to continue to hone your skills?

The first is to read more about related topics. The primary purpose of reading is to exercise a sense of logic and connectivity. In my previous writing, I often wanted to explain the diversity of a problem from a deeper or different point of view, but it also led to the difficulty in connecting my words, making it difficult for readers to understand what I wanted to express. Therefore, a lot of reading can improve my writing skills. The second is to connect words with evidence. Because in my previous writing, I often elaborate on the concept of virtual, but at the same time, because it is not often used in reality, it can not be well explained. However, if I bring evidence into it, there is evidence as a medium to better explain the corresponding ideas, and provide a better description of the object for writing.

Interview parents

My interviewee is my mother.

What tools did they use when they were going to school to learn and/or to produce knowledge?

My mother was in middle school in the 1970s. In the 1970s, China implemented the policy of reform and opening up on December 18, 1978. Because my mother went to an ordinary middle school in Beijing, she learned a lot about politics. In school, most of the learning methods are through watching TV (black and white TV, no other colors), listening to the radio (the broadcast will bring news from various regions of China), communication between students, and, most importantly, books. In the 1970s, books were one of the few ways to acquire knowledge quickly and massively. At that time, most of the school textbooks in Beijing were made up by the Beijing Municipal Education Bureau and printed by the Beijing printing factory. Different cities have different education bureaus. The reason is that the Education Bureau will include the characteristics or information of the current city in the books printed in the future, so that students can contribute to the reform and opening up of different cities in the future. It is also the hope of the Chinese government to build China into a country of social modernization.

At school, from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Each class usually has 40 students and one teacher. Each class is 45 minutes. The morning is full of politics class, and the afternoon is different subjects. In school, most of the learning materials are books, until the introduction of tape technology, but tapes are only used for learning foreign languages. In other cases, books are used, whether in class, after school, when writing homework. Books are one of the few ways to acquire knowledge.

What were their experience in school like, and how do they compare with your own?

In the 1990s, middle school students in the 1990s still have only one way to choose from college entrance examinations, but college students have many choices. After graduation, students can choose to be assigned jobs by the state, or they can choose to find a job by themselves, they can choose to continue to study in graduate school, or they can choose to study abroad. In the 1990s, the Chinese people have been liberated from the shackles of thought. They have not yet faced the pressure of employment and competition but are facing a dizzying future. At that time, people’s biggest dream was to be able to study in the United States. However, my mother would like to go to Japan. The reason is that my grandfather is a diplomat and will deal with a lot of Japanese. So my mother hopes to study in Japan. The pace of China’s market-oriented development is too fast to make any psychological preparations. Finally, my mother went to study in Japan before 1993. During the period of studying in Japan, they still used books as learning tools. In addition, most of the old tape recorders are not convenient to use.

Compared to my current learning tools, there is still a big difference. Due to the change of times, the renewal of science and technology also means transforming learning tools. For me, I use computers and mobile phones to learn. Computers and mobile phones can be connected to the Internet, and the internet is a bridge connecting human beings and knowledge. Most of the books can be found online. In addition, computers and mobile phones include recorder, repeater, tape, and other functions. In addition, due to the different times, the goal of learning is not consistent. For example, in the 1970s, the emphasis on political education for students is different now.

In conclusion, due to different times, different learning methods will be adopted. Education will change at the same time.

Reflection(mini debate)

Ignorance is bliss or not?

Team A; Ignorance is bliss

Team B; Ignorance is not bliss


Team A;

Ignorance brings lasting happiness. Ignorant people will be in a state of happiness, and will remain in this state of happiness for a long-term effect. This state of happiness is not only to be happy, but also to stay away from pain, and to maintain happiness only belonging to oneself in the chaotic and realistic society, such as cheating. Therefore, they will remain happy unless they are subjected to external forces.

Team B:

Ignorance is defined as a lack of knowledge or information. Without knowledge, there can be no development; no progress can be made.

Ignorant people can’t make a reasonable decision according to the relatively real objective situation that they don’t realize the extreme of their own deficiency. It prevents them from judging the poor performance of themselves and the people they depend on. Besides, the ignorant are in a state of satisfaction, and there will be no change unless they are disturbed by external forces


Overall, I think both team a and team B have corresponding problems in their own opinions. However, both sides have performed very well, from theory to cross fire, they have their own unique views on this issue and refute the other party’s theory. To sum up, I think team B won the battle by a narrow margin. First of all, subjectively, I agree with team B’s theory. Before this debate started, team B had an absolute advantage in my mind. The second reason is that team a gave a relatively inappropriate example of cheating. At that time, I didn’t have a good understanding of the meaning of this example, which made me feel a little unrealistic. Either way, both sides did well.


In my opinion, ignorance means the lack of knowledge and the deliberate avoidance of reality. Ignorance is equivalent to not helpful. No matter for the individual or for society, the ignorant people can not have any effect and development and will eventually be abandoned. They can indeed escape from reality for ignorant people and get happiness, but this happiness is fleeting. But when happiness is fleeting, we still have to face the cruel reality. Although the reality is harsh, what each of us should do is not to avoid the scars brought by reality, but to become friends with reality. To sum up, ignorance is not bliss.



Are some ways of knowing more likely than others to lead to truth?

word count:500

There are eight categories that represent the way of knowing: Sense perception,Reason, Imagination, Emotion, Language, Faith, Intuition, and Memory.—But some of the ways of knowing are factual and persuasive.

Reason makes us form knowledge independent of our senses. With reason, we acquire from existing knowledge, and then transfer to a new knowledge from it. Reason enables us to infer what we ourselves cannot experience at present. For example, Mathematical truth. Because mathematical truth needs logical validity, and rationality is the main way to understand mathematical truth. The mathematical formula shapes the mathematical truth, which can be inferred in the future by learning the formula learned before and this mathematical formula creates a “presupposition,” proving the need for logical validity and mutual connection.

But when doing logic testing, logic testing reflects that we can’t always know whether the “presupposition” is correct because it is usually based on inference and perception, and experience. In logic testing, even if the presupposition is not tenable, it can be considered as logical. Human emotions tend to automatically convert the knowledge that may be known to be correct. However, reasoning is logical and supported by evidence,

Language can be defined as a tool, a symbol that contains a specific meaning, and symbols can form a symbol system, which is the language system. Language is always intentional; when we use language, we always want to convey a particular meaning no matter in what form. For example, a blog, an essay, no matter in what form, language can always help us learn what others’ perspectives and what they know and translate it into our own knowledge. Language can be limited to a specific (single) group of people (such as Japanese speakers), but it can also be prevailing. Besides, language is a bridge between people ;It connects everyone to communicate. Also, the practicality of language is the most commonly used in daily life. As the most extensive and practical tool, language can lead people to the truth

Memory, as a way of knowing, is not credible. Memory is based on what you have experienced, seen, and heard. This “impression” will help you remember some information. But when doing the memory card game, this game shows the memory will produce a large deviation. For example, student A opened card 1. Although student B remembered the pattern and location of card 1, it was possible for student B to select card 1 again in the second round of card flipping, just because he forgot the location or shape of the card. When a variety of cards need to be memorized at the same time, the memory will be biased and eventually lead to wrong judgment.

In conclusion, any ways of knowing have different characteristics and differences in perspective. Whether it is subjective or objective, it has its own logic.. Somehow, Reasoning and language are more likely to approach the truth by substantial evidence, the formation of a systematic and not too much subjective emotional intervention.



“Language as a Way of Knowing.” Theory of Knowledge: An Alternative Approach, 25 June 2017,


For this novel, I have a question: Is this novel based on a true story, or is the entire novel a fiction novel?

This book is about how a girl named Lada, Prince Wallachia’s daughter. She had to choose between power, friendship, and love. Lada is not a cold person, although compared with her elegant brother, Lada’s face is ugly, but Lada is really a friendly person who likes to help others. However, due to the desire of everyone in society for rights, Lada has to be ruthless. This is also reflected in today’s society whether I or others have to learn how to protect ourselves and become more ruthless and ruthless to have a foothold instead of being pushed onto a cliff by others.

I’m curious about how Lada is getting rid of the current environment and changing it for the next story. Moreover, I would like to know what choices and sacrifices Lada will make for rights, either it will either become less tender or establish her own dynasty by working with partners. The development of the plot often makes me unexpected. The protagonist’s change will also be accompanied by various events to have an impact, has always attracted me to continue to read.

The novel made me realize the cruelty of society and the influence of the environment. Lada was a piece of white paper. She had nothing to do with the world. However, no matter the pressure her father brought to her or the loss of her rights, Lada realized that this society is a predatory society. Only by strengthening herself can she survive. Society will not change because of her leaving, so she wants to change society.


Hello, my name is David Nakae.

I was born in Japan, but I came back to China when I was three years old. I grew up in Beijing, and I went to primary school over here. Since I graduated from primary school, I went to Shanghai because of my dad’s job, which made Shanghai my second hometown. I stayed in Shanghai for two years; later, our family moved back to Beijing again. I was joined ISB since 9th grade.

I do like to play many games, MOBA games, fps games, PS4, Switch, mobile games, and ACT games, so if you want to play games with someone else, come find me.

Also, I am a person who actually likes to watch a movie. I love all kinds of films, especially horror movies, I do like to watch a horror movie during midnight.


By the way, Chinese is my first language, not Japanese.


What do you know for sure, and how do you know it? 

What I can see and touch is the truth.

When human was born, it was destined to affect the way the world works. Humans  have a strong imagination, creativity, curiosity, cohesion, conformity, which other animals do not or only contain very little.

Human beings like to find the truth, which is part of imagination and curiosity. The truth is not wrong. Human beings try to find the results they want through the power of science. But what is the truth? When the facts are published, many people lose their vision and believe it blindly.
I don’t believe in all kinds of opinions on the Internet, so the facts on the Internet are of no value to me. Why would you rather believe the eden-like facts described on the Internet than believe that everything in front of you is the truth? Imagination is a “tool” for the benefit of mankind, but it can also be a wrong “compass” that makes mankind lose direction and judgment. Everyone likes to fantasize their future, but forget about the facts in the present. All the things in front of you are facts that without rhetorical devices and fiction. Perhaps what I see and I can be sure of could be explained by illusions brought to me by this society and the world. After all, human  live on the earth, and the earth exists in the universe.  Compare between the universe and humans that humans are as insignificant as dust. However,  we have to admit that the object in sight is the truth and certainty. After all, we can’t be sure and have no means to verify the “truth” in other people’s opinions that can be pieced together by imagination and brain patch.

Food truck blog reflection

Food truck

  • What product does your food truck sell?
  • My food truck sells ice cream, and I call it “emotional ice cream.”. Unlike the usual ice cream shop, there are only four flavors on sale in my food truck. The four tastes correspond to the four main emotions of people. Ice cream, which seems to be a dessert that children are willing to buy, can actually bring everyone a different experience. In the contemporary society, pressure has become the trouble of most people. The best way to release pressure is to communicate and tell others about the pressure. In my food truck, customers can sit in the same area with customers who buy the same taste. The four regions correspond to the four flavors. Customers can chat and make friends in the region of their mood with whatever flavor they buy.


  • Who is the target audience?
  • My design target is everyone. Customers of any age in today’s society can buy ice cream. My design concept is closely related to the design object. As I mentioned before, when I was designing, I searched a lot of information about psychology on the Internet. There are four emotions in psychology, corresponding to the four tastes on my menu. Besides, psychologically, the best way for people to release pressure or express feeling is to communicate with others and eat, which conforms to the idea and theme of my food truck design at the beginning。


  • How does your design help promote and identify the food truck?
  • First of all, I designed a promotional business card with detailed address and telephone number. Besides, my food truck is obvious. I searched a lot of photos of food truck selling ice cream on the Internet, and found that most of the trucks selling ice cream had various colors and were very conspicuous. The color matching is dazzling and not very regular. I also learned that the color matching of ice cream food truck is very important. So when customers want to find my food truck, they can see the color of food truck from a distance, or they can find my food truck according to the logo on the promotion business card and the logo on my food truck.


Final Product

Design studio food-truck final presentation ppt






How your wearable design product successfully addresses the problem you identified at the beginning of this reflection post?

My wearable products are simple but representative designs. First of all, the theme of my food truck is emotion, and the other is environmental protection. I want to use business cards and packaging bags are environmentally friendly materials. In addition, my design of the wearable product also conforms to the theme of food truck. I have added my own logo on both of our products, which can let customers find food truck through logo. Such a design is not only beautiful, but also practical.


Design process

  • What steps did you take?
  • First of all, the beginning of the design needs to determine the theme. There are many ice cream food trucks in the world, but I hope my design of food trucks is different from others. I tried to check a lot of information online and found that most of the groups that ice cream food truck targeted are children. In order to make a change, I think a lot of plots in the movie, and I think of the word pressure. So the theme at the beginning of the design was stress. But when I was thinking about how to associate stress with ice cream, I couldn’t develop the later design, so I turned the theme into emotion. Emotion is the main way of thinking when people do things. Emotion can affect a person’s state. Ice cream can bring people happiness in most of the impression, so eating ice cream is a good way to release the pressure and change the mood. So I set the theme as emotion.

Logo design

When the theme is determined, I choose to start designing the logo. Because the theme of my ice cream food truck is different from that of my usual ice cream food truck, I don’t have many logos to learn from. Logo design needs to reflect the theme, so I used a lot of time and different styles in logo design. The logo symbolizes food truck. I mainly adopt two different design ideas. The first is to complicate the logo and put the words and logo together. Another design idea is to separate logo and text, so that customers can remember the appearance of logo. Finally, I use the logo of the second design idea.

Wearable product

When I design Wearable products, my design ideas are also based on the theme of food truck. Business card and menu are the web products I wanted to design at the beginning. Packing bag added later. And the drafts I drew on paper I also drew on the computer and added a lot of new details.

Food truck

According to Mr.Griffin posted video and the video I found on YouTube determine what I should do and what I think. When I design food truck, I think the most important thing is color. Color is the first impact that can bring to customers. Good color matching can reflect the theme of food truck. My color match is warm and cold. Human beings have four emotions, two of which are represented by happiness and the other two by sadness. I saw the influence of color in the eye palette and ordinary movies, and learned the importance of color. In the movie, red, pink and yellow generally represent happiness, that is, warm colors. And general black, blue, purple and other symbols are sad mood, that is, the color of cold color system. Color can bring many different characteristics, so when I design food truck, I think about the color of each part for a long time. Besides, according to Mr.Griffin’s given food truck template, I starts to design its own food truck. I will divide the food truckinto two parts, one is warm color system, the other is cold color system, which is the color I mentioned before. In addition, I put the logo on top of the food truck so that customers can see the dining car in the distance.

In what ways did you experiment with physical materials when designing your wearable product (eg exploring various materials around the house to learn about form, texture, material qualities, using found items/old packaging to create prototypes, etc)?

I looked at my plastic design pocket in design studio and my grandfather’s waste newspaper, which made me think of the theme of environmental protection. I tried to cut and stick the waste newspaper into a packing bag, and it turned out to be feasible.

  • What examples inspired you? What did you need to learn about?

My dad’s business card inspired me a lot. Besides, I saw Michelin’s menu inspired me a lot. My father’s business card contains a lot of important information, such as name, address, telephone, occupation, etc.; I think I need to include these elements in my design of publicity business card. In addition, when I see the menu of Michelin restaurant, I also get inspiration, because the simplicity of Michelin menu can let customers directly see what they need. Inspiration comes from life, and the best way to get inspiration is to find out the details of life.


My reflection

  • What went well? (what was your success criteria and how well did you address it?)
  • What would you do differently next time?
  • I think there are many advantages in this design. First of all, the theme I adopted is very special. Unlike the usual, the emotional ice cream is an area that customers have never been exposed to, and the theme is a part of my relatively successful work. The other is color. In the field of color design, I used palette and psychology for reference, so as to achieve the theme of color representing mood. In terms of color matching, I think it is more successful. The contrast between cold color and warm color reflects the complex mood of contemporary people. The overall truck still looks attractive.If the design is insufficient, I think the comparison of my logo design fails. When I design the logo, I want to express the word emotion too much, which leads to the design is too pompous, so that customers can’t write down the logo.

    In conclusion, I think this project is still relatively successful, and the weakness is the logo. In addition, thank you Mr.Griffin for your help, for so many days. If I have this project next time, I may choose another theme and adopt another shape of food truck. In addition, next time I may pay more attention to the design of logo and wearable product.

Typography Booklet

In unit 3 typography, we have three main sections to learn which is research, design and visualization. For me, the font that I got assigned is Officina serif, the font was first released in 1990, as a paired family of serif and sans serif faces in two weights with italics, it was intended as a workhorse typeface for business correspondence and the designer is Erik Spiekermann.

What is typography and why is it important for all designers to understand?

For designers, different designers contain different feelings and varied character designs. The same theme may be entirely different for various designers. Designers must attract audiences visually and through details.

What is the most useful or interesting thing you learned about typography during this unit?

What I found interest is during researching, I could found out that Font was a “big family” that most people didn’t mention. When I research Officina serif, there is a lot of stories behind the Font, and I actually found out that small details could change the Font a lot. For example: “Designer Erik Spiekermann is aware that not all type was read from crisp book or magazine pages under proper light. Counters are open to avoid filling in, and strokes and serifs are sharply drawn so they will not deteriorate, even at small sizes under the stress of copiers and fax machines. “. Behind every Font, there is a designer continually changing, so that people can see the shock and impact of Font for the first time.

3 tasks overview

First stage is researching stage. I search about the stories behind Officina serif. Base on Mr.Griffin’s point out, I figure out about some words that could symbolize officina serif. Three words that I choose is bold, old fashion and succinct. Also, I wrote a 400 words summary. I do used google to search about the history of officinal serif and the designer.

The second task was create a visual poster for typography.  I summarize my researching stage’s work and put on the poster. I do add a lot of new informations in the poster and I chose the background to make the entire poster more “soft” and let the reader read from the top down. Can bring readers into it.

The third task was create a illustration project. The theme of the illustration should be my font. I do got a lot of inspiration by Mr.Griffin’s design and base on his design, I do decide the key words and theme of illustration. The design effect I want to design is to overlap multiple words. Around “officina serif” as the middle word, it describes the characteristics of this font. Each “feature” will use different colors to fuse multiple colors together to form a visual impact.


(my final design)

Therefore, in this unit of typography, I learned very deeply about the ‘officina serif’ typefaceI and I feel the influence of fonts on readers and the details of fonts. Next time, I want to learn more about the importance of typography and typesetting.