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Basketball Poster Design: Create and Improve

I finally finished all 5 vectors. I put them together in a montage sort of style, this is a pretty flat image. I haven’t yet added any information to the document like date, what it’s for, or drop shadows to the vectors. A new improved version should have text, a more realistic feel and the details of the purpose.


This is a realistic final version. I may add some distortions to make it look a little more aesthetic. Overall, I’m happy with my finished product. Learning Illustrator was a bit of a challenge but I finally chose to stick with it and it got easier as I went along. I chose to make the poster part of my illustrations in Photoshop because I’m more familiar with the tools.



The vibrancy or brightness has been turned up by the website, however, it looks different once printed. Thanks to some feedback from Mr. Griffin, I have added different elements such as highlights, extra lines, a dragon logo, and my QR code. Recently, I’ve had to struggle with print resolution. Because of due dates I’ve decided to print the poster in a smaller size, so it ultimately is a mock for the bigger thing.

ISB Basketball Posters: Develop & Plan

After switching my project, I have really gotten into the groove of things.

The first couple of designs were done on Photoshop. Recently, with the help of Mr.Griffin and Bill I’ve been pushing towards using Adobe Illustrator. I’ve been working on Gameday and Final Score posts for ISB, so I will pickup my workload to finish my vectors before Great Wall. My plan as of now is it finish the other vectors and start working on the  final poster.

ISB Basketball Posters

I’ve decided to make the decision to switch projects and start working on vector posters because the Basketball season has finally started. This new project will be new to me and will be a challenge to learn how to make what I want to. The first step will be watching tutorials to learn how to make a vector.

I’ve gone surfing through 800 pictures from last year to find a good photo to illustrate.

Heres a draft of something I’m working on:


My goal is to learn within this class and next class how to make the vector, hopefully having the first poster done by Tuesday.

Made with Padlet


User Persona:

NCAA Covers + ISB Basketball Posters Design Brief

I’ve learned that there are many ways to approach a video game cover and I’m going to incorporate different styles into several covers. I’ve also learned that even professional designers have to try several effects or lighting to get something the way that want it to look, improvising along the way. I know which kind of edits work for me but, I’m going to work around that and do something that may take extra time because it is out of my comfort zone. I’m unsure if I have the supplies to create the look of some of the things I would want to, but there are ways to work around it. Examples of different work are on the padlet.




Jerry’s Coffee Logo Design

Design Logo Folio

Baseball Card

Back of Card

Baseball Card

I made a baseball card, I tried linking my strengths in design with my interests out of design.

The best feedback I got was, no changes need to be made because I felt like my work was well done.

Element Project

Grayson Mashburn

Mr. Herzberg

English 10


In A Raisin in the Sun, Lorraine Hansberry illustrates a story about a black family, the Youngers’, that is living in the city of Chicago in the 1960’s. Looking in detail at the story, several major themes and motifs strike the reader. A major theme in the play is racism and how the Younger family deals with it. The subject of racism is clearly seen when the neighborhood representative, who is white, tells the Younger family they should not have bought a house there.

To represent these ideas my visual of a play/movie poster shows each of the ideas in their own way. The main motif in the play is the plant that momma loves and cherishes. I put the sun behind the plant as if the sun is almost like a spotlight, but the word sun is in the title. The plant itself is momma’s family, she cares for them deeply. The plant appears to be growing out of the chimney of the house, which is black, displaying the Younger family are people of color. Walter’s face is also in the sun, as he shares the spotlight with the family. The final element I used were alternating colors of text in the title, showing conflicting races.

To conclude my element project, I want to end on a quote from the book; “I want you to believe me when I tell you that race prejudice simply doesn’t enter into it. It is a matter of the people of Clybourne Park believing, rightly or wrongly, as I say, that for the happiness of all concerned that our Negro families are happier when they live in their own communities.” The chairman of the neighborhood is trying to claim that segregation is in the best interest of the Younger family while making it seem that it was not his idea to do so. This idea was represented in the book and my poster, with the black house right in the middle.


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