Baron of Botox

Common Techniques: Raw Footage Imagery Appeal to Ethos Rhetorical Questions Simile Characterization Personalization Appeal to Logos Appeal to Pathos Purpose: Gaining the attention of the audience with the mystery story surrounding Dr. Fredric Brandtwhile gaining money through the form of ads.   My favorite episode 9, which was titled Kintsugi. I really liked the parts […]

HL Essay

Outline: HL Essay Outline Template copy My takeaway: My HL essay looked into “How are Asian characters portrayed in the graphic novel American Born Chinese as compared to how American characters are portrayed, and why?” My HL essay is a comparative piece, and I had not done a formal comparative essay before. For after of the […]

Practice Oral

Outline of the Oral: Global issue: Representations of injustices that influence society Texts are chosen: Literary work: Odyssey (chapter 11) Non-literary body of work: To Live Thesis: the authors can saw representations of injustices that influence society through literary and non-literary techniques   Odyssey: intro (speaker: Homer; audience: Greeks; context: Odyssey is the journey of […]

Mandarin Oriental Ads – Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman Ads Layout Images on the top left Text to the right of the images Video at the bottom of the page Image Location At Hotel – New York Background: contradicts with background causing him to stick out more Body language – professional with a bit of casual As the leaning on the couch Professional […]

The Odyssey Transformation Project 

My Favorite from The Odyssey Transformation Project     When looking back to the Odyssey transformation project, I liked this one the most. This reminds me of chapter 11, The Dead. The chapter was full with Odyssey going into the land of the dead and visiting some famous figures and some non-famous. This picture has the […]

Marxist Theory – Balzac

The Marxist theory is an analysis of society and economic structure. In this book, Balzac and the Little Chinese Stream Stress, I will be taking on the Marxist Theory lens. The book was written to portray China during the Chinese Cultural Revolution, and the book was written by a French writer, Dai Sijie. Throughout the […]

The Onion

Student hospitalized after nobody recognizes their lack of effort Patient in Emergency Care Who Wished To Be Named In Order to Be Recognized     Beijing CN – Following several preliminary tests of sleep deprivation, procrastination, and groaning about their workload, several students at ISB have tested positive for “Nobody Cares About Me” disease. Symptoms […]

Time To Say Goodbye

Something to remember me by “A memory is a beautiful thing, it’s almost a desire that you miss.” Gustave Flaubert. All the memories that we shared in English Lang and Lit HL with Dr. Maloney, all seem so fresh in my mind. As of now, that is. I feel as if I had been waiting […]