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Hope…?! – a Found Poem

“I was born with water on the brain.”, or so that’s what he said. Here stands a fourteen-year-old outcast from society with a hidden ray of hope buried deep down under pain and sufferings.

In the novel The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, Sherman Alexie creates a round, life-like, complex character. Sherman Alexie shows a lot how setting affects the character. Examples include such as Junior’s physical health (his stutter and lisp, his forty-two teeth, his glasses, his disproportioned body), the environment he lives in and the way he’s treated affects the character himself. Junior is a character who yearns for the world to hear him: “I draw because I want the world to pay attention to him.”. Because he’s an Indian, his family isn’t so rich and he wouldn’t be complaining about his family situation and he might actually have a clearer brighter future like all the other white kids. He might not like drawing and he might not be bullied as much.

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  1. Hey Jenny!

    Good job on the analysis! I think the way you wrote it and how you explained your analysis made a lot of sense. Its short and clear! You showed understanding of the character and the book so far although you could have looked through / edited the paragraph before publishing since you left the “(insert a quote here I forgot my book so I’ll look for that later)” part unless it was intentional. Maybe you could add your own personal experience? or maybe some way you may relate?

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