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Minecraft day 9

During Minecraft today the bad guys didn’t log in to play, well not when class 4-RD was learning about governance. I was the farmer on day nine, I  wanted to do mining if that was out then I would do building, but mining and building was took over by some people so I had to be a farmer. I wasn’t happy about being a farmer but it was my job so I tried hard on being a farmer. I didn’t have a hoe when we were logging in to Minecraft so quickly mined some stone, But when I was mining I fell into a lava pit. I teleported home and was dying of hunger I couldn’t find any food so I had half a heart left. I fell in a hole quite deep when I started mining. I teleported back home again, didn’t fall in a hole,and crafted a stone hoe. I collected seeds from grass near our village town hall, when I got about fif-teen seeds I started to plant the seeds. By the time I planted all the seeds day nine has ended. I think the whole class wasn’t co-operating very well on Minecraft day nine so, people have basically wasted forty-five minutes not doing something that can help us in life. I think next time when we play Minecraft I think we should communicate our ideas so we can have better ideas. “two heads are better than one”. I think we should also work on the wall more, because I think the bad guys will attack our village again.

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