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Minecraft day 10

Yesterday on Minecraft I was also the farmer, we have gotten a lot done on day 10, for the farm we learned how to feed give adult chickens health (I found that out). We also made fences around the farm so the animals won’t escape. We a had a fence gate just in case the animals got up to the fence. Deep and I was the one that was actually building the fences for the farm. The other farmers were just trying to keep the animals in the farm. For the miners Jayden has found a very good mine that has some coal, not much iron, we don’t know yet but there maybe some gold or diamond in that mine. As for the builders I saw them doing much on the wall, the wall is almost finished, we just have one more side to do. On Minecraft day 10 I think we did a good job on the forty five minutes, so that means we had used our time wisely. Next session for Minecraft I think we should keep up the good work and we should also switch jobs because people would love to try some new jobs, I really want to be a builder cause I think being a builder is fun!

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